NAD Refers Leptitox Nutrition to FTC After Company Declines to Provide Substantiation for Dramatic Dietary Supplement Weight Loss Claims

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Contact: Abby Hills, Director of Communications, BBB National Programs 
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New York, NY – October 1 , 2020 – The National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs determined that Leptitox Nutrition, the maker of the dietary supplement “Leptitox,” a detox, appetite suppressant, and weight loss support product, failed to provide substantiation for its express weight loss advertising claims.  

The claims at issue were challenged by the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  

NAD requested substantiation for Leptitox’s dramatic express weight loss claims made in website and Instagram advertisements, including:  

  • “Here’s How I Saved My Wife’s Life with a . . . 5-Second ‘Hack’ That Kills Food Cravings and MELTS 62 lbs of Raw Fat” 
  • “Lose 62lbs of raw ugly fat from all over her belly, arms, face, hips and thighs . . . Going for [sic] this . . to this. . .” with a before and after image showing significant weight loss.
  • “I was motivated to buy Lepitox capsules because of the huge number of good reviews all over the internet. I love this type of weight loss plan because you do not need to think about nutrition at all, just take a few capsules a day and job done! I have dropped from 78 kilograms to 58 and I continue to lose weight!”
  • “Dropped 40lbs and sleeping better . . . I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am and took the plunge to test Lepitox. Just like your wife I had tried everything to lose weight and nothings at all! Almost immediately I was noticing how Lepitox [sic] was curbing my appetite and keeping me satisfied after a small amount of food. I sleep better and feel calmer.”
  • “My daytime tiredness has gone! For years I was searching for the reason I was tried, sluggish and struggled with losing weight, and now it all makes sense. Just a few days after taking Lepitox my tiredness disappeared. I look and feel younger, and yes I’ve lost over 23 lbs so far, thank you Morgan!”
  • “It was Sonya Rhodes and I who developed Leptitox. A breakthrough solution for the treatment of fat storage and belly fat with a natural and safe solution that addresses the root cause of weight gain, leptin resistance!” 

NAD also sought supporting evidence for express claims made in Instagram posts featuring before and after images of dramatic weight loss with the following types of captions: 

  • “From 310 lbs to 183 lbs. she has made a great transformation to herself and her journey is amazing. She was 310lbs when started taking lapitox [sic] and got amazed when she see changes in her body within a month. You can also transform yourself from fat to fit. Get your Lepitox now by clicking link in bio.” 
  • “Worried too much about weight?? Now you don’t need to think about how to lose weight. Just take Lepitox and you can lose 25-35 lbs within a month without any workout … Get Lepitox with 70% off by clicking link in bio.”
  • “This is one of the best transformation by having Lepitox pills. Getting fit is not hard when you take Lepitox. Start losing 7-10 lbs in week with eating your favorite food. Get your Lepitox now and 70% off by clicking link in bio.” 

The advertiser failed to provide a substantive written response after repeated requests from NAD for substantiation. As a result, NAD has referred the matter to the attention of the appropriate government agency for possible enforcement action. 


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