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As a non-profit organization, the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) strengthens trust between the business community and those they serve.

The National Partner Program is an exclusive network of leading businesses, law firms, associations, and members of the advertising industry that are dedicated to advancing marketplace trust. They commit to influencing industry behaviors with their peers and engaging consumers on a national scale.

National Partners collaborate with the CBBB on initiatives that include building industry self-regulation programs. These programs encourage innovation and competition while minimizing the need for government intervention. Approved members receive access to an elite network of executives as well as a broad range of exclusive benefits and resources.

The National Partner Program plays a critical role in protecting consumers and building a more trustworthy marketplace—from ensuring truth and accuracy in national advertising to advancing best practices in cybersecurity, privacy, and online behavioral advertising.



Benefits of Being a National Partner


Leadership and Networking

Join the Council’s Board of Directors or the National Partner Leadership Circle and work with executives from some of the most well-known and respected organizations in the world to shape the strategies, goals and policies for the Council and the greater BBB system to accomplish our shared mission.

Preferred Pricing

Enjoy significant discounts on national program events and services, including registration for annual conferences, educational seminars, National Advertising Division (NAD) advertising challenges, and subscriptions to an exclusive database of advertising industry case reports and decisions from self-regulatory programs.

Marketing and Sponsorship Programs

Enhance awareness and education campaigns with content marketing and sponsorship programs available exclusively to National Partners. Work with CBBB to create co-branded content including microsites, infographics, and podcasts and reach new potential customers through a mix of display advertising, media outreach, social media promotions, and events.

Data Access

Integrate unique BBB data on more than 5 million businesses and charities in the U.S. and Canada into any mobile application, website, or platform using the BBB API (application programming interface). Embed data like BBB Rating or accreditation status to enhance the credibility and quality of information provided to external audiences or to augment internal processes like monitoring supplier networks or assessing potential vendors or partners.

Educational Resources

Stay ahead of marketplace trends with insights from globally recognized experts on topics like privacy, behavioral advertising, cybersecurity, advertising claims and substantiation and dispute resolution. As a National Partner, you company can schedule individual consultations or private seminars for employees with industry experts and thought leaders.

Industry Initiatives

National Partners can work with the Council of Better Business Bureaus to launch marketing campaigns and public education programs to raise awareness and understanding of topics and issues that are important to consumers, businesses and the organization.

Community Engagement

Leverage the national reach and local presence of BBB to connect with consumers and businesses in more than 150 different communities throughout North America. Extend the trust and credibility of the BBB brand to joint public awareness campaigns on topics and issues that are important to your company.

Become a National Partner

The National Partner Program represents an exclusive group of organizations looking to advance marketplace trust, influence industry behaviour, and engage with consumers, government regulators, and peers on a national scale. Partners must go through a rigorous evaluation process being voted on and confirmed by the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Board of Directors.

If your organization is committed to building a trustworthy marketplace for consumers and businesses through industry self-regulation, we welcome you to apply to become a National Partner today.

Contact the Council of Better Business Bureaus at to learn more about the National Partner Program.