Do I need a lemon law attorney to file a claim with BBB AUTO LINE?

Oct 27, 2021 by Juan Herrera, Vice President, Dispute Resolution Programs, BBB National Programs

While representation by an attorney is essential in some corporate, personal, or civil matters, when it comes to lemon laws our experience at BBB AUTO LINE is that an attorney may not need to get involved at all.

BBB AUTO LINE is one of the largest and longest-running dispute resolution programs in the United States. Our mission is to help consumers and businesses resolve lemon law, class action, and other vehicle warranty disputes in a hassle-free manner, without the need for a lemon law attorney.

According to a recent audit, 84.1% of the cases brought before BBB AUTO LINE did not involve the use of a lemon law attorney. That is, they involved a consumer negotiating directly with a manufacturer with the assistance of a BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Specialist.

Through this process, well-trained BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Specialists work with eligible vehicle owners to open the lines of communication with the manufacturer to resolve the dispute successfully and efficiently. 

Since it began, this program has helped more than two million vehicle owners move from complaint, to open claim, to resolution. 

This fair and impartial process, which is free to eligible vehicle owners, helps businesses and consumers maintain their relationship and avoid litigation.


What is an automotive lemon?

A lemon is a car or other vehicle that repeatedly fails to meet a standard of quality and performance. When it comes to cars, that means a vehicle with a manufacturer defect that fails to meet an objective standard of performance even after the owner has made multiple repair attempts. Generally, most state lemon laws require at least three repairs to the same condition to be considered a “lemon.” 

There is also a federal lemon law called the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. It is important to understand the difference between the federal law and your state’s lemon law. 


How can BBB AUTO LINE help me? 

If you suspect you own a lemon and your vehicle is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, BBB AUTO LINE may be able to help.

  1. Go to and select “FOR CONSUMERS” for more information on the program. 
  2. Complete the form to submit your complaint to BBB AUTO LINE or call 1-800-955-5100.
  3. A BBB AUTO LINE staff member will start processing your complaint. 

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