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BBB National Programs runs a variety of nationally recognized, well-respected, and effective industry self-regulation and dispute resolution programs to create a better experience for consumers and a fairer playing field for businesses. If your organization or business is committed to building a trustworthy marketplace for consumers and businesses through industry self-regulation and dispute resolution, click here to learn about becoming a BBB National Programs National Partner.




National Advertising Division Monitoring and enforcing high standards of truth and accuracy in national advertising across media. Data Privacy Framework Services Dispute resolution and compliance support for businesses using the Data Privacy Framework. Children's Advertising Review Unit Evaluating child-directed advertising and promotional materials to advance truthfulness and consistency. Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative Setting strong standards to improve food advertising to children. Children's Confection Advertising Initiative Promoting responsible confection advertising to children. BBB AUTO LINE Providing independent dispute resolution to help consumers and vehicle manufacturers resolve warranty and lemon law disputes. Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council Strengthening the direct selling industry with independent oversight of product, earnings claims, and the articulation of clear principles based on established business ethics to raise the bar of excellence for the entire direct selling channel. Digital Advertising Accountability Program Providing independent third-party enforcement of cross-industry privacy standards covering data collection and use in targeted online ads. National Advertising Review Board National Advertising Review Board is the appellate body for the advertising industry’s program of self-regulation. Coalition for Better Advertising Dispute Resolution Program The Coalition for Better Advertising has chosen to have its Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) administered by BBB National Programs. Dispute Resolution Program for Volkswagen Car-Net & Audi Connect Arbitration program for Volkswagen Car-Net & Audi Connect disputes. Class Action Arbitration Program For consumers who wish to pursue arbitration to resolve disputes related to denied compensation claims under the terms of various class action settlements. Arbitration Program for Ford Extended Service Customers Arbitration program for Ford Extended Service Plan, Maintenance Plan, or Extended Service Contract disputes. CPRA Verification BBB National Programs is an approved third-party accountability partner for SafeGuard Privacy’s CPRA compliance self-assessment. Vendor Privacy Program (VPP) For organizations outside of the U.S., participation in this certification program demonstrates their responsible data processing practices to their partners. Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) Program For businesses that collect personal data, participation in this certification program demonstrates compliance with APEC standards for data privacy practices. Privacy Recognition For Processors (PRP) Program For vendors that process personal data, participation in this certification program demonstrates compliance with APEC standards for data privacy practices. Center for Industry Self-Regulation Harnessing the power of self-regulation to empower business accountability and create fair, future-proof best practices.