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Privacy Recognition for Processors Certification

Vendors that process personal data choose Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) certification, an internationally recognized data privacy certification available to U.S. organizations and their global subsidiaries. As an approved Accountability Agent, BBB National Programs works one-on-one with your business to demonstrate compliance with established data privacy standards to your business partners, consumers, and regulators alike. PRP certification is backed by BBB National Programs’ commitment to delivering independent accountability for your privacy promises.


Are you a vendor or processor headquartered outside the U.S.? If so, check out the Vendor Privacy Program.


A Trusted Privacy Seal



The BBB National Programs PRP certification seal serves as a reliable beacon, demonstrating that your business handles customer data in a manner that meets or exceeds reasonable security and accountability safeguards.


This self-verifying seal appears on the privacy policies of every certified business, linking to a web page that explains the scope of the business’s privacy commitments and allows consumers to submit data privacy complaints. The business also receives a customized and confidential Findings Report, showing how its policies and procedures meet each Program Requirement

Program Impact

By embracing independent privacy certifications like PRP, certified businesses commit to an achievable compliance mechanism backed by their Accountability Agent and participating governments, ensuring that enhanced privacy protections apply to personal information, whether it is processed in the United States or around the world.




Consistent Protections

The PRP certification helps vendors and suppliers implement strong baseline protections in support of a global approach to privacy program management.

Achievable Standards

With program requirements designed to be scalable, PRP certification is the first step for any vendor to show its business customers that it meets expectations when processing personal data.

Complaint Resolution

Privacy commitments are backed by transparent dispute resolution procedures, trusted by consumers, businesses, and regulators.

Requirements & Procedures

Every business with a BBB National Programs PRP certification makes a public commitment that its data protection policies and practices will meet the privacy standards specified in the Program Requirements, building a strong foundation for a privacy program that meets the expectations of business customers.



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