Dispute Resolution Program for Verizon Wireless Customers

Dispute Resolution
Program for Verizon
Wireless Customers

This program supports Verizon Wireless customers who need arbitration services for a dispute with Verizon Wireless of $10,000 or less. Before a customer can request arbitration, they must provide Verizon Wireless with written notice at least 30 days before arbitration is requested.   

Guidelines & Procedures

Before you request arbitration from our program, submit written notice to Verizon Wireless at noticeofdispute@verizonwireless.com at least 30 days in advance of your request for arbitration. You can also use that email address to try and settle your dispute directly with a Verizon Wireless customer service representative if you haven’t tried that already.  


If you have given proper notice and are ready to begin arbitration, contact us at 1-800-246-2808 (option #1) to get started, or submit the Arbitration Request Form.