BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Services

Preparing For Your Arbitration Hearing


Once an arbitration hearing is scheduled, you will receive a copy of the Suggested Arbitration Hearing Format.  In following this format, you should be prepared to provide any testimony or evidence about the following: 

  • The existence of the vehicle problems upon which you are basing your case
  • Why you believe the problems are the responsibility of the manufacturer
  • Why you believe you have not contributed to the cause of the problems
  • Why the problems represent a substantial impairment to the use, value or safety of your vehicle
  • Whether the manufacturer and its dealers, agents or representatives have had a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle 


The arbitrator may ask questions to clarify information presented at the hearing in an attempt to gain a more complete understanding of the dispute. A clear, concise and well-organized presentation supported by relevant facts and good documentation will help the arbitrator fulfill his or her responsibility.  The average arbitration will last about two hours but vary depending on the number of concerns being arbitrated.



Part 1 - Beginning the Hearing


Part 2 - Case Presentation


Part 3 - Inspection & Test Drive


Part 4 - Closing the Hearing


Part 5 - Preparing for the Hearing