NAD 2021 Annual Conference

Register for NAD 2021 to celebrate 50 years of advertising industry self-regulation and high standards of truth and accuracy in national advertising. Industry, government, agency, and legal professional thought leaders will discuss the critical trust and technology challenges facing the advertising industry today and share practical advice on the day-to-day issues that new and evolving platforms and an increasingly competitive environment can raise.
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September 29- October 01 2021 Virtual
advertising National Advertising Division National Advertising Review Board

Kidvertising 101

Kidvertising 101 is a one-day workshop providing attendees with hands-on education. This year the event is dedicated to the new Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) Advertising Guidelines, recently discussed at the CARU 2021 annual conference. These guidelines apply to all child-directed advertising and marketing and go into effect on January 1, 2022.
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October 13 2021 Virtual
advertising CARU Children's Advertising Review Unit COPPA privacy

PrivacyCollective 2021

Register now for this year’s PrivacyCollective, where attendees will discuss whether AI can build consumer trust, ethical design and human-first privacy, and explore today's pressing privacy challenges. Our roundtable discussions embrace the Chatham House Rule to encourage open dialogue about the challenges we face interpreting and implementing new privacy practices while pivoting compliance operations to reflect these unprecedented times.
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December 01 2021 Hybrid
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