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Thought leadership on pressing topics and emerging issues from BBB National Programs President & CEO Eric D. Reicin

  • CARU in the 90s and 00s: Privacy & the Internet

    The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) Privacy Guidelines helped form the foundation of COPPA. The arrival of Y2K brought with it an accelerated pivot from traditional advertising to online advertising and experiences, and new challenges in privacy compliance. Read about CARU's notable cases in children’s data privacy.
    May 22
  • Why Trust is Essential to Success in Business

    Trust cannot be imposed by the government, nor can it be proclaimed by a single company operating in a vast marketplace, and that has been true for decades. The building blocks of trust must come not just from businesses themselves but ideally from the industries of which they are a part.
    May 20
  • Renewal Season: 5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Data Privacy Framework Process

    U.S. companies in the Data Privacy Framework Program (DPF) program recertify each year with the Department of Commerce to assess and account for how they handle and process personal data that originates in the EU, U.K., and/or Switzerland. Here are 5 tips for making it a smooth process.
    May 16
  • The Evolution of CARU: Laying the Foundation in the 70s and 80s

    For the last 50 years, companies marketing to children have held each other to a high ethical standard. The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) was established in 1974 as the U.S. mechanism of independent self-regulation for protecting children from deceptive or inappropriate advertising. Spanning decades, CARU’s early cases reflect the evolution of the children’s advertising and marketing space.
    May 9
  • Think of the Children: A Comparison of APRA and COPPA 2.0

    It is vital that the business community at large parse through the differing approaches of COPPA 2.0 and APRA to children's privacy and understand where these bills would overlap or contradict each other. To help, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) privacy team is breaking them down.
    May 6
  • Unlocking Global Data Privacy Interoperability with CBPRs

    In our digitally connected world, safeguarding personal data is essential. To help accomplish that goal, the new Global Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System launched this week by the Department of Commerce, offering a much-needed framework for a new era of international data protection.
    May 2
  • Integrating Soft Law as a ‘Middle Way” for Business and Nonprofit Success

    Now is not the time for businesses and nonprofits to go to extremes either. A middle way – a pathway that is built on a strong corporate governance foundation with a keen cognizance of the law – is the optimal path forward for continued innovation.
    Apr 29
  • American Privacy Rights Act: A Primer for Business

    Was it the recent series of natural phenomena that prompted Congress to move on a bipartisan, bicameral federal privacy bill? We can’t say with certainty, but we can outline for you what we believe to be, at first glance, the most compelling elements of the American Privacy Rights Act of 2024 (APRA).
    Apr 12
  • Take Care of Your “Health-Lite” Claims

    Some advertisers believe they can avoid scrutiny when making health-related claims by making their claim “softer.” But context is key. Health benefit claims must comply with the FTC’s Health Products Compliance Guidance. The substantiation bar is not lowered by changing the approach to the health-related claim.
    Mar 14
  • Bullish but Cautionary: A Balanced Way to Approach the Impact of AI

    Business and nonprofit leaders in the U.S. may not feel so weighty a responsibility in assessing the global impact of AI, but we must realize AI’s power to impact our organizations, our local economies, our sectors, and our nation.
    Mar 13