Dispute Resolution Program for Verizon Wireless Customers

Arbitration Program for Ford Extended Service Customers

This program assists in the resolution of disputes arising under a Ford Extended Service Plan, Maintenance Plan, or Extended Service Contract naming BBB National Programs as the arbitration provider.

Arbitration Rules & Request Form

Through this program, customer disputes may be resolved by mediation resulting in a mutual resolution between both parties or through non-binding arbitration.


To initiate this arbitration process for your dispute:

  • Read through the Overview and Rules document
  • Submit a completed Arbitration Request Form (submit by following instructions on form)
  • Pay $50 case filing fee (by check, made payable to BBB National Programs) Please note the claim will not be started until the $50 filing fee is received in our office.  



Case filing fee payments should be mailed to:


BBB National Programs

ATTN: ESP/ESC Dispute Resolution

1676 International Drive, Suite 550

McLean, VA 22102


BBB National Programs will make every effort to have the dispute resolved within 60 days from the date we receive your customer claim form and filing fee payment. If we determine that your dispute cannot reasonably fall within the dispute resolution and arbitration provision of the applicable contract, your filing fee will be returned.