BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Services

BBB AUTO LINE is one of the largest and longest-running dispute resolution programs in the United States. Administered by non-profit organization BBB National Programs, we help consumers and businesses resolve vehicle warranty, lemon law, and  class action disputes in a hassle-free, timely, and cost-effective manner. 


If a vehicle owner is experiencing a problem with their vehicle that has not been resolved, the BBB AUTO LINE program may be able to help. 



The Process 

The BBB AUTO LINE dispute resolution process is a neutral, efficient, and free process for vehicle owners of participating manufacturers. At a high-level, here is the dispute resolution process: 


  1. If you are experiencing a problem with your vehicle that is covered by your car’s warranty, file a claim with BBB AUTO LINE.
  2. Once you file your claim and complete all required information (such as the Customer Claim Form), your case will be handled by the BBB AUTO LINE team. A Dispute Resolution Specialist will contact you after reviewing your submitted information.
  3. If your claim is eligible, your Dispute Resolution Specialist will work with you and your manufacturer to find a solution that you and the manufacturer can agree upon. 
  4. If no mutually agreeable solution can be found, the BBB AUTO LINE team will help you begin the process of arbitration.  


On this page we provide answers to frequently asked questions, definitions to terms used in the BBB AUTO LINE Program, and a deep dive into the dispute resolution process.  



Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get started in the process, you may have some of these frequently asked questions.  



Getting Started: Filing a Claim

If you have reviewed the eligibility information, and the listing of participating manufacturers, you are ready to start the BBB AUTO LINE claim process.  



The Settlement Process 


Once your claim is open with BBB AUTO LINE, the first step is to see if your dispute can be resolved in the settlement process. The settlement process is entirely voluntary, and you may proceed to arbitration (if eligible) at any point. 


  • Once the manufacturer receives information about your case from BBB AUTO LINE, a representative from the manufacturer may contact you to discuss settlement options. In these discussions, you will discuss your vehicle’s problems and explore possibilities for a mutually agreed settlement of your claim. 

  • You and the manufacturer representative may explore settlement options directly, or you may be assisted by your BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Specialist.  

  • In some instances, the Dispute Resolution Specialist will receive a position or settlement offer from the manufacturer which they will then relay to you for consideration.   

  • The role of the Dispute Resolution Specialist assigned to your case is to open lines of communication between you and the manufacturer.  

  • The BBB AUTO LINE team will not comment on whether an offer made to you by the manufacturer is “fair” or “unfair” because to do so would compromise our neutral role in this process. Only you can determine if an offer is satisfactory.  

  • If you and the manufacturer representative agree to a settlement without the support of the Dispute Resolution Specialist, please be sure to inform BBB AUTO LINE as soon as possible.  


If a settlement is reached, BBB AUTO LINE will draft a letter that summarizes the terms of the agreement. This letter will be sent to both parties, and we will follow up with you to confirm the terms of the agreement were carried out. 



Moving from Settlement to Arbitration 


Your BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Specialist will work with you and the manufacturer representative to help everyone take an objective look at the issues in dispute and the standards that will be considered by the arbitrator. 


  • Arbitration is an informal process in which two parties in a dispute present their positions to an impartial third party, an arbitrator, during a hearing.  

  • The arbitrator listens to the testimony, reviews evidence, and makes a decision that he or she deems fair. In some cases, the arbitrator may take into account legal guidelines (e.g. lemon law standards).  

  • In the BBB AUTO LINE program, the arbitrator’s authority is defined by the BBB AUTO LINE Rules and the company’s Program Summary.  


The specific issues the arbitrator is asked to consider will be outlined in a document called the Agreement to Arbitrate. The outcome of the arbitration process is a formal, written decision that the consumer will be asked to accept or reject. The decision is non-binding on the consumer but binding on the manufacturer if the consumer accepts.  


While each party to arbitration believes strongly in the merits of his or her case, only one party will prevail.  




Arbitration FAQs






File a Complaint

Resolve your warranty or lemon law dispute with your manufacturer for free with BBB AUTO LINE. 


  1. Is your manufacturer eligible? Check here

  1. Gather the following information:

    • Owner’s name and address
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Make, model and year
    • Description of the problem
    • Current mileage