Cy Pres Awards

Help create a more trustworthy marketplace. Cy pres funds allow BBB National Programs to serve the public interest and help protect consumers from misleading and unfair practices through our advertising and privacy self-regulation and accountability programs.

Your Cy Pres Award at Work

Cy pres funds allow BBB National Programs to serve the public interest by building a trusted marketplace through our established independent self-regulation and dispute resolution programs. Businesses and attorneys that put BBB National Programs forward as a cy pres settlement recipient help protect consumers from misleading and unfair practices in the marketplace

Protect Consumers

Monitor the marketplace to protect consumers from misleading advertising claims in mature and emerging industries.

Data Privacy

Ensure consumers are provided adequate and accurate disclosures about online data collection and use.

Resolve Disputes

Help consumers resolve automotive warranty disputes without a lawyer.

Support COPPA

Provide "safe harbor" programs under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Protect Kids

Protect children from deceptive or inappropriate advertising and data collection practices.

How We Apply Our Cy Pres Awards


BBB National Programs is uniquely situated as an independent, non-profit organization that works to set high standards in advertising and privacy, hold businesses accountable to those standards, and create a more trustworthy marketplace for consumers. Our portfolio of more than a dozen programs work to address the issues alleged in false advertising, privacy, and other consumer-related class actions, and provide the guidance necessary to prevent future or continuing consumer harm. That is why numerous courts have approved our programs as the recipient of cy pres funds. Here are a few of those programs.







Looking to the Future


As we look to the future, BBB National Programs can address new issues by leading individual company- or industry-wide efforts to create enforceable standards to address issues of consumer concern. BBB National Programs is at the forefront of developing programs to protect consumers from emerging harms and maintain a fair and ethical marketplace for businesses. When class action lawsuits relate to alleged consumer harms, BBB National Programs is well-suited to utilize cy pres funds to develop programs tailored to address those issues.




Examples of Cy Pres Awards Received



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