Annual Procedure Reports

BBB National Programs publishes annual Procedure Reports that provide summaries of our program operations throughout the year. In accordance with our obligations as a U.S. Department of Commerce-recognized Independent Recourse Mechanism, our annual procedure reports provide aggregate statistics about our dispute resolution services.


These include:

  1. the total number of complaints received during the reporting year;
  2. the types of complaints received;
  3. dispute resolution quality measures, such as the length of time taken to process complaints; and
  4. the outcomes of the complaints received, such as the number and types of remedies imposed.


BBB National Programs endeavors to exceed these obligations in its published procedure reports, providing greater insight into our dispute resolution process as well as statistical analyses of both eligible and ineligible complaints received and processed during the reporting year.


Historical Archive of BBB EU Privacy Shield Procedure Reports

In 2023, the BBB EU Privacy Shield Program was discontinued and replaced by the BBB National Programs' Data Privacy Framework Services.




Historical Archive of BBB EU Safe Harbor Procedure Reports

In 2016, the BBB EU Safe Harbor Program was discontinued and replaced by the BBB EU Privacy Shield Program.