DSSRC Administrative Closure #101

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) contacted a direct selling company (Company) regarding three coronavirus related hashtags that accompanied a post stating that the Company’s product can strengthen the immune system. Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated that coronavirus related claims and hashtags when coupled with claims that a product can strengthen or boost the immune system can be reasonably interpreted by consumers as meaning that the product is effective at treating COVID-19 and its symptoms. Conversely, at this time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any non-drug products as being proven effective to treat the coronavirus.

Once it was alerted about the post, the Company explained to DSSRC that the hashtag claims were not authorized, contacted the salesforce member responsible for the post and had the post modified by removing the hashtags all within 24 hours after the post was brought to its attention.

DSSRC expressed its appreciation for the Company’s prompt and immediate actions and administratively closed the inquiry.

(closed on 11/9/2020)