DSSRC Administrative Closure #102

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) opened an inquiry into social media claims disseminated by the salesforce members for a direct selling company (Company). More specifically, DSSRC identified three Facebook posts which included claims suggesting that the Company’s product can remove the coronavirus from surfaces.  Although two posts communicated general effectiveness claims at removing COVID-19 viruses, a third post noted that the product can remove both DNA and RNA viruses although it had not conducted any testing on the coronavirus (the coronavirus is classified as an RNA virus). In addition, DSSRC identified a fourth Facebook post that made similar claims that the product can remove the coronavirus. However, this fourth post was not disseminated by a Company salesforce member but, instead, by a satisfied customer that was unaffiliated with the Company.

Immediately upon receipt of the DSSRC inquiry, the Company contacted the salesforce members disseminating the claims and requested that the three posts be removed. Shortly thereafter, DSSRC independently confirmed that the posts had been disabled by the Company. Further, although not responsible for claims not communicated by non-salesforce members, the Company was able to contact the entity that was not affiliated with Company who nevertheless made an aggressive product performance claim about the Company’s product and was able to have the claim modified to remove the language that was concerning to DSSRC. 

Accordingly, DSSRC expressed its appreciation for the prompt, good faith actions taken by the Company and administratively closed the inquiry.

(closed on 11/9/2020)