DSSRC Administrative Closure #25

DSSRC inquired about two product claims disseminated on Facebook by salesforce members for a multi-level marketing company. The claims pertained to the ability of the Company’s products to treat COVID-19 and the symptoms associated with the condition.

Upon learning about the posts, the Company took prompt action to remove one post within 24 hours after it was brought to its attention. With respect to the other post, the Company informed DSSRC that the distributor who disseminated the post was identified and a letter was sent to the distributor that night. The Company also attempted to contact the distributor by phone on numerous occasions.  When the distributor did not return the calls, the Company then reached out to his sponsor and group leader in an attempt to make contact. Because the Company was not able to contact the distributor, it suspended the account. The Company subsequently initiated several takedown requests to Facebook based on IP and false claims. Shortly thereafter, the second link was successfully removed by Facebook.

Pursuant to the good faith efforts taken by the Company, DSSRC elected to administratively close its inquiry.

(closed on 5/6/2020)