Juan Herrera

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Juan Herrera

Vice President, Dispute Resolution Programs 

BBB National Programs, Inc.


As Vice President of Dispute Resolution Programs for BBB National Programs, Inc. (BBBNP,) I serve as a member of the BBB NP leadership team and am responsible for budgeting, planning, organization, and strategy management of the Dispute Resolution Division.  This involves the continual improvement of our existing programs and the designing and development of new programs for industries or manufacturers in need of a neutral, cost effective, and efficient out-of-court dispute resolution process.  We work with manufacturers to analyze and identify areas where dispute resolution will be beneficial for their business and their consumer.  Once we identify an area, we will work with the manufacturer to formulate the process and execute a program that will achieve the desired results.  

Our current flagship program is BBB AUTO LINE®, the largest automotive warranty dispute resolution program in the United States where I served as National Director prior to being named Vice President.  My time with the BBB AUTO LINE® program started when I originally joined The Council of Better Business Bureaus in 1994.  I served various roles within BBB AUTO LINE® involving all functions of administering a dispute resolution program and gained valuable experience in mediation/arbitration processes from every aspect.  I continue to further my education and knowledge of dispute resolution by participating in numerous Alternative Dispute Resolution training programs at BBB.

I received a BA in International Relation from the School of International Services at the American University in Washington D.C. Prior to starting my education, I was an active member of the United States Navy; a Hospital Corpsman dedicated to serving the needs of my country and promoting the agenda of my commanding officers; I served in one tour of duty in the Southeast Asia Theater during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.