NAD Complex-Track Process Workshop


Exclusive Event for Corporate National Partners

BBB National Programs is developing a new process to handle challenges to advertising that require review of complex claim substantiation. The NAD Complex-Track process is designed to build both the predictability of the process and stakeholder confidence in the outcome through more engagement with NAD staff during the course of the review.


Benefits of the NAD Complex-Track process will include:

    • Predictability in the length of time complex cases take from start to finish

    • Reduced conflict in seeking extensions and in scheduling meetings

    • Insights into NAD's perspective on evidence and arguments before a record is closed

    • Reduced opportunity for tactics in withholding evidence or argument to final submissions


The NAD Complex-Track Process Workshop is only open to corporate National Partners of BBB National Programs. If your company is a National Partner, please contact to request an invitation to the Workshop.

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