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The practice of data privacy has always been about doing right by consumers, empowering them to make informed choices about their personal data. New technologies and new regulations continue to challenge privacy practitioners to adapt best practices to preserve this vision, while still leaving room for innovation. Join the PrivacyCollective to discuss this year’s hot topics in privacy.  



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PrivacyCollective is a diverse community of privacy experts coming together to discuss novel topics in the evolving privacy landscape. During PrivacyCollective events, attendees discuss specific risks and unfolding uncertainties, share insights, identify the challenges that keep us up at night, and craft solutions. Our virtual roundtable discussions embrace the Chatham House Rule to encourage open dialogue about the challenges we face interpreting and implementing new privacy practices while pivoting compliance operations to reflect these unprecedented times.


The 2021 event will focus on:


Can AI Build Consumer Trust?


Ethical Design and Human-First Privacy


Cross-Border Privacy

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The Agenda


Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Time: 12:45pm – 4:20pm ET


These collaborative discussions bring businesses and practitioners together to identify and prioritize the real-world implementation challenges we face every day. The goal of these highly interactive discussions is to identify potential solutions to ongoing compliance challenges and the steps we need to take to get there, such as new codes of conduct, self-regulatory programs, or standardized compliance tools.


12:45-1:00pm -- Welcome & Housekeeping, Dona Fraser, Senior Vice President, BBB National Programs

1:00-1:15pm -- Speaker: Fatemeh Khatibloo, Director, Office of Ethical & Humane Use, Salesforce on ethical design and human-first privacy

1:15-2:00pm -- Breakout Session: Ethical Design and Human-First Privacy

2:00-2:15pm -- Speaker: Dennis Hirsch, Professor of Law, The Ohio State University and Capital University on AI and privacy

2:15-3:00pm -- Breakout Session: Can AI Build Consumer Trust?

3:00-3:15pm -- Speaker: Alex Greenstein, Director, Privacy Shield, U.S. Department of Commerce on cross-border privacy

3:15-4:00pm -- Breakout Session: Cross-Border Privacy: What’s Next?

4:00-4:20pm -- Closing Remarks






The Topics



Can AI Build Consumer Trust?

Recent advances have shown us just how far algorithms and machine learning can go toward optimizing business processes. At the same time, headlines are filled with stories about the potential risks and biases of AI. What if we could optimize algorithmic systems to create more trustable, ethical outcomes for consumers? Attendees will discuss emerging knowledge about operationalizing ethics in algorithmic systems, the resulting real-world positive outcomes, and how we can incorporate these learnings in all automated systems, especially those that process personal data and impact the everyday lives of consumers.


Ethical Design and Human-First Privacy

There is a growing tension in the design of user-friendly privacy systems: We know that privacy choices should be specific, clear, and conspicuous. But consumers are suffering from notice fatigue. Similarly, we know that layered privacy notices, “nutrition” labels, and other at-a-glance innovations are important to designing privacy options that work for everyone. Yet regulations continue to proliferate with requirements for detailed, tailored disclosures that cannot be reasonably summarized. Attendees will discuss how to solve for usability, when we must also solve for compliance, and will reflect on recent innovations in UI and UX to brainstorm how privacy notices can be responsive to the limits of human attention, while empowering consumers and meeting regulatory requirements.


What's Next in Cross-Border Privacy

Laws that encourage data localization – whether explicitly or in practice – represent a fundamental challenge to a commercial society fueled by the free flow of data. At the same time, mechanisms are needed for businesses to earn the trust of consumers, regulators, and partners around the world. Attendees will discuss the challenges businesses of all sizes have worked through to process and transfer personal data responsibly. Although much conversation is centered around the European Union, there are more challenges to data transfers than navigating the Atlantic. Increasingly, businesses are asked to think of their data privacy practices through a global lens. This session will allow attendees to compare notes and brainstorm strategies as they prepare for what’s to come, from Brazil to the U.K. to India.







    Attendees will return to their organizations with:


    A better understanding of the privacy landscape

    Knowledge that they are not alone in the challenges they are facing

    Possible solutions to privacy challenges

    "Ammunition" to build internal support and advance privacy initiatives

    These take-aways should aid in helping organizations better calculate the investments they need to make in the privacy and security spaces.


    Expected Audience:


    Data privacy lawyers

    Other privacy professionals

    Technology vendors

    Marketing technology experts



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