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Bioperformance Fails To Respond To ERSP Inquiry

New York, NY – June 14, 2006  – The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP), announced that BioPerformance Inc., has failed to respond to an initial inquiry regarding core claims made in direct response advertising for its BioPerformance Fuel Enhancement and Wealth Building System.

According to ERSP Policy and Procedures, BioPerformance will be afforded an additional 10 days to submit substantiation for its core claims. If the marketer fails to provide substantiation for its claims, ERSP will refer the matter to the appropriate governmental agency.

Core claims at issue in the ERSP inquiry include:

Establishment claims

  • All this information has been scientifically proven and documented.”

Performance claims

  • “…you can save up to a WHOPPING 25 percent or more over what you’re currently spending on your Gas or Diesel.”
  • “…have generated over $25 million in company sales…Over $16 million dollars have been paid to those who decided to take action and get involved”; “Reduces environmental pollution, maximizes performance, and cleans their fuel system while at the same time saves up to $0.50 and even more on every gallon of their gas and diesel.”
  • “Fuel pill works…increase our fuel economy 25% and more…track record it’s been around since 1989… once you drop this product into your fuel, it becomes a catalyst …and allows for quicker and easier ignition of your fuel…..generate more horse power that you can actually feel in the performance of your vehicle… reduce emission levels by 60-90%”

 Testimonial claims

  • “We just returned from a 2,600 mile trip. When we started we got 11 mpg and now we’re up to 16 mpg using the pills …” and “My Diamante usually gets around 325 miles a tank….I am now getting 425 miles a tank and I am on the 6th tank of using the pills! That’s 100 more miles a tank!”)