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DirecTV to Offer New Movie Preview Channel with Child-Appropriate Content Following CARU Inquiry

New York, NY – May 11,  2017  – DirecTV which owns and operates DirecTV Cinema, a pay-per-view streaming movie service, said it will create a new movie preview channel that will feature only movies and other content appropriate for children, following an inquiry by the Children’s Advertising Review Unit.

CARU, an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation, monitors advertising directed to children in all media and across all platforms. CARU is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Television advertising for the children’s film “Inside Out,” available on DirecTV Cinema, came to CARU’s attention through its routine monitoring of advertising directed to children.  The advertisement appeared on DirecTV during children’s programming.

The commercial featured a preview of the film and the following copy: “Starting at Channel 125 – INSIDE OUT Now Available.”

Viewers who accessed Channel 125 were presented with a list of available movies, including films rated R and PG-13, and could select any of the movies offered there.

CARU was concerned that the commercial, which directed children to go to Channel 125 and the offerings there, advertised inappropriate content to children in violation of CARU’s Self-Regulatory Program for Children’s Advertising.

In response to CARU’s inquiry, DirecTV Cinema said it would:

  • Separate its general audience preview channel for DIRECTV Cinema (Channel 125) from its advertising for pay-per-view children’s content.
  • Create a new, dedicated children’s movie preview channel (Channel 1111) that, according to the Advertiser, consists exclusively of movies and content appropriate for children.
  • Avoid advertising trailers for movies inappropriate for children during children’s shows.

CARU noted in its decision its appreciation for the company’s “steps to separate its pay-per-view children’s content from its general audience film selections by creating a dedicated children’s movie channel with appropriately rated offerings.”

DirecTV said in its advertiser’s statement that the company supports self-regulation and CARU and “is committed to ensuring that parents and caregivers have the controls they need for a family-friendly viewing experience.”