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ERSP Reviews Claims For Media Dime Marketing’s “Cheap Gas” Automobile Device

New York, NY – July  14, 2008 – The Electronic Retailing  Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) has recommended that  Media  Dime  Marketing,  LLC,  discontinue  performance  and establishment   claims   for  the   Cheap   Gas  Automobile   Device.   The   marketer’s advertising came to ERSP’s attention pursuant to a consumer complaint.

ERSP, the electronic direct-response industry’s  self-regulatory  forum, is  administered by   the  Council  of   Better  Business  Bureaus  (CBBB)  with  policy  oversight  by   the National Advertising Review Council (NARC).

Claims at issue in the ERSP  inquiry included:

  • •           “Gasoline will always be so cheap that it will seem as if priced the same as three years ago.”
  • •           “The strongest and most effective gasoline economizer device”
  • •           “You can now drive more miles without adding more gasoline”
  • •                       “Scientific studies conducted around the world have shown that  by  using Cheap Gas you will be able to save up to 27% on gasoline, reduce toxic emissions by  90%, increase the power of the vehicle’s motor, and prolong the useful life of the motor by  30%.”
  • •           “Studies conducted by  the Department of Environmental Engineering of California concluded that, by  using Cheap Gas, toxic emissions are reduced by  90%”

The advertising  at issue  depicts  the placement  of  the product, a small  plastic  object, onto the automobile’s  fuel  line.  The claims  at issue  suggest that by   installing  the product, an automobile will experience substantial gasoline efficiency improvements.

ERSP   determined  that  the marketer did   not provide  any substantive  evidence  to support the performance and establishment  claims  disseminated  in its  advertising. As  a  result,  ERSP   recommended the  marketer  discontinue  any  and  all  claims  in advertising for the product until such time it can produce reliable substantiating data.

The company,  in its marketer’s statement, said it has taken ERSP’s “recommendations into careful consideration and [is] in the process  of producing a new commercial. We are very grateful for agencies like you that  make such recommendations and help us improve the way we do  business.”