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New York, NY – September 22,2006 – The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) has recommended that, marketers of the Everderm-CL line of skin products, discontinue “clinically proven” advertising claims, modify performance claims and add disclaimers to consumer testimonials. ERSP determined that the marketer could support the safety claims made in advertising for the product.

The marketer’s advertising was reviewed pursuant to ESRP’s monitoring program.

ERSP,  the  electronic  direct-response  industry’s  self-regulatory  forum,  is  administered  by  the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) with policy oversight by the National Advertising Review Council (NARC).

ERSP reviewed core claims that include:

  • “Clinical studies show that the ingredients of Everderm are effective at decreasing the length and depth of stretch marks while increasing the smoothness, firmness and thickness of the skin.”
  • “Everderm-CL can diminish and remove these stretch marks—even if they are several years old!
  • “Now it is possible to greatly reduce and even eliminate these stretch marks without surgery!”
  • “The longer term benefits of using Everderm-CL have FAR surpassed the rewards promised from the makers ofStrivectinSD.”
  • “Everderm is a safe alternative to skin surgery and injections.”

Following its review of the evidence, ERSP recommended that marketer discontinue claims that assert the performance of Everderm has been “clinically proven.”

ERSP determined that the studies submitted by the marketer provided a reasonable basis for claims of general product efficacy but recommended that the marketer remove language that suggests use of Everderm will result in the “removal,” “elimination” or “prevention” of stretch marks.

ERSP recommended that the marketer include with consumer testimonials clear and conspicuous disclosures that the results cited are not consistent with results of testing on the product ingredients and are not typically expected., in its marketer’s statement, said it would accept the ERSP decision and “modify the advertising for the Everderm skincare products in order to comply with the final decision.”