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International Nutrition Master, Inc.’s Spanish-Speaking Advertising Referred To Federal Trade Commission

New York, NY – August 1, 2005 – The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP), announced that it will refer direct response, Spanish-Speaking advertising disseminated by International Nutrition Master, Inc., marketers of Hepatol Complex, to the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). The truth and accuracy of the marketer’s claims came to the attention of ERSP through an anonymous consumer complaint.

The core claims that were identified in the 30-minute Hepatol Complex advertising were: a) safety claims (i.e., “…no risk of side effects.”); b) performance claims (i.e. “Hepatol helps your liver so it functions normally.”); and c) implied claims (i.e. “If you suffer from any of these symptoms [gain or lose weight irregularly; stomach acid; …long time to recuperate from drinking alcohol; headaches; abdominal inflammation; indigestion; stomach pain; gas, nausea; bad breath; cholesterol or triglycerides elevated; diarrhea; pimples, blackheads; dandruff], you suffer from liver dysfunction.”).

Pursuant to the ERSP Procedures, after failing to respond to ERSP’s original inquiry within fifteen calendar days, the direct response marketer was afforded a second ten-day period in which to submit a substantive response. The marketer failed to meet this second deadline and pursuant to section 2.6 (B) of the ERSP Policies and Procedures, this inquiry has been referred to the FTC in order to address concerns regarding the truthfulness and accuracy of the Hepatol Complex direct response infomercial.