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Kittrich Corporation Participates In ERSP Forum

New York, NY – July 27, 2006 – The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) has noted that Kittrich Corporation (Kittrich), marketer of the Heavy Air Shoes, is currently revising future advertising and has recommended the modification of disclosures and reinforcement of a diet and exercise plan in future advertising. Kittrich’s advertising was brought to ERSP’s attention through its ongoing monitoring program.

ERSP, the electronic direct-response industry’s self-regulatory forum, is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB), with policy oversight by the National Advertising Review Council (NARC).

Claims at issue in the ERSP inquiry included:

  • “Whether you’re a man or woman ages 18-80; whether you have a few pounds inches to lose or you’ve got a lot to lose…”
  • “Experts marvel…and how they accelerate weight loss, target your stubborn hips, thighs, and bottom area.”
  • “Supercharged calorie and fat burning…”

“I’ve had them now for 30 days and I lost 15 lbs and I’ve subtracted inches from my hips and thighs…I’ve got tons more energy…did it quickly and easily without any fad diets and my hips never hit the gym once. I simply added Heavy Air shoes to my normal daily routine.”

Kittrich, which cooperated fully with the ERSP review, indicated that the infomercia l in question was not currently being broadcast and said that the company was in the process of revising its advertising.

ERSP recommended that in future advertising for the product, the company reinforce the message that meaningful product performance will only be realized through adherence to a disciplined diet and exercise regimen.

ERSP recommended that consumer testimonials used in future advertising should clearly disclose that the results are atypical, vary and are often in direct correlation to adherence to the diet and exercise program that is provided with the product.

The company, in its marketer’s statement, said it  “…appreciates the efforts and energies NARC dedicates to helping to protect public interests.”

The company noted that “The claims made by HA were researched, reviewed, tested and substantiated by several experts in their respective fields…As a result of this process, however, Kittrich will give due consideration to NARC’s recommendations in future advertising of the HA product.”