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Moon Juice Discontinues Challenged Claims ‘MesoSilver Colloidal Silver Mineral Supplement’ Following NAD Inquiry

New York, NY – Oct.  7, 2015 – Moon Juice, the operator of the website, has said it will no longer make the express claims for “MesoSilver Colloidal Silver Mineral Supplement” that prompted an inquiry from the National Advertising Division.

NAD is an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation. It is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

As part of its routine monitoring of national advertising, NAD requested substantiation for claims for the product that appeared at The following claims formed the basis of NAD’s inquiry:

  • “With the highest bioavailability of any colloidal silver, MesoSilver’s small particle size and high particle concentration of nanoparticle silver combats fungus, viruses and harmful bacteria on contact.”
  • “It helps the body to reach a deeper detoxification while strengthening the immune system.”

In response to NAD’s inquiry, the advertiser said that it no longer sells MesoSilver.  Further, the advertiser noted that it purchased the MesoSilver product from a third-party manufacturer and the advertising claims which appeared on the Moon Juice website were taken directly from information supplied by this provider and other available sources.  Finally, the advertiser stated that it will permanently discontinue the claims at issue in this proceeding.

In reliance on the advertiser’s representation that these claims have been permanently discontinued, NAD did not review these claims on their merits.  The voluntarily discontinued claims will be treated, for compliance purposes, as though NAD recommended their discontinuance and the advertiser agreed to comply.

The company, in its advertiser’s statement, said that it “appreciates the opportunity to participate in this proceeding.  Moon Juice supports NAD and encourages others in the advertising industry to participate in the self-regulatory process.”

Note: A recommendation by NAD to modify or discontinue a claim is not a finding of wrongdoing and an advertiser’s voluntary discontinuance or modification of claims should not be construed as an admission of impropriety. It is the policy of NAD not to endorse any company, product, or service. Decisions finding that advertising claims have been substantiated should not be construed as endorsements.