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NAD Recommends L’oreal Modify Certain Claims for High Resolution Refill 3X Facial Cream

New York, New York – Sept.  17,  2009 – The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus determined that L’Oreal USA has a reasonable basis for certain advertising claims made for its LANCÔME PARIS High Resolution Refill-3X facial cream but recommended the advertiser modify others.

 NAD, the advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, requested substantiation for performance claims made in print advertising by for its LANCÔME PARIS High Resolution Refill-3X facial cream. 

 Claims at issue in the NAD inquiry included: 

  • “Refill Wrinkles in Just One Hour!”
  • “New powerful anti-wrinkle results: Immediately, more than 81% of women see significantly softer, smoother skin.”
  • “In 4 weeks, wrinkles appear significantly reduced, as though refilled from within.”
  • “Skin is saturated with moisture 94% and looks youthfully plumped.”

Following its review of the evidence, which included clinical testing of skin hydration after the initial product application and consumer-usage data, NAD determined that the advertising claim “Refill Wrinkles in Just One Hour” conveys the message that wrinkles will be substantially reduced, if not completely eliminated, in a very short period of time.  NAD noted, however, that the evidence in the record addressed improvements in skin hydration, rather than the reduction or elimination of wrinkles. Accordingly, NAD recommended the advertiser discontinue the claim but noted that the advertiser is free to tout the hydrating benefits of the product.

NAD also determined that the results of the consumer-usage survey were insufficient to support the claim “In 4 Weeks, Wrinkles Appear Significantly Reduced, As though Refilled from Within.”  NAD recommended the advertiser modify the claim to more closely reflect the survey’s results.

As to the claim “Skin is Saturated with Moisture 94% and Looks Youthfully Plumped,” NAD determined that the “Looks Youthfully Plumped” portion of the claim was supported but recommended that the “Skin is Saturated with Moisture 94%” portion of the claim be modified to make clear that 94 percent of participants reported that their skin felt more moisturized. 

Finally, NAD determined that the claim “immediately, more than 81% of women see significantly softer, smoother skin” was supported based on self-assessment of consumers, over 81 percent of which reported softer and smoother skin immediately after initial use. 

L’Oreal USA, in its advertiser’s statement, said the company “is a strong supporter of the self-regulatory process and … will take NAD’s recommendations” into account in future advertising.