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National Advertising

With the founding of National Advertising Division and National Advertising Review Board in 1971, the advertising industry pioneered the use of independent, transparent oversight to assure that advertising claims in all media are truthful and substantiated.

NAD examines advertising claims made for goods and services as diverse and critical as telecommunications, infant nutrition, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements and “green” products.

In cooperation with the Council for Responsible Nutrition, NAD has expanded its review of advertising for dietary supplements, a nearly $25 billion industry that is frequently criticized for misleading advertising. To date, the program has issued more than  100 decisions.

NAD accepts complaints from consumers, competing advertisers and local Better Business Bureaus. NAD’s decisions represent the single largest body of self-regulatory decisions related to  truth and accuracy in the U.S.


NARB serves as the appellate body for the self-regulatory system.  NARB  Panel hearings are held in New York City and require the better part of a day. Parties in attendance may include representatives of the NAD, the advertiser, outside counsel, and t, complainant, and outside counsel, research and development and marketing people.