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Prestige Brands Halts Certain Comparative Claims for Efferdent Power Clean Crystals; NAD Finds Company Took Necessary Action in Doing So

New York, NY – May 15, 2013 – Prestige Brands, Inc. has said it will discontinue certain comparative advertising claims made in broadcast, print and Internet advertising for its Efferdent Power Clean Crystals. The claims at issue were challenged before the National Advertising Division by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare L.P., the maker of the Polident line of denture cleaners.

NAD is an investigative unit of the advertising industry system of self-regulation. It is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

NAD requested substantiation for the following express claims:

  •  “Kills 10x more odor-causing bacteria*
  •  *As compared to the leading denture tablet brands.”
  •  “Scientifically proven to kill 10 times more odor-causing bacteria than tablets.”
  •  “Removes the toughest stains.”
  •  “Cleans in just 3 minutes.”
  •  Efferdent can be used “to kill 99.9% of the germs that cause denture odor.”
  •  “Get your dentures crystal clean.”

NAD also requested substantiation for the implied claim that consumers will experience a 10x-greater benefit overall and in the reduction of all odor-causing bacteria if they use Efferdent Power Clean Crystals denture cleaner.

The advertiser informed NAD that although it believed its claims to be supported, it would withdraw its quantified comparative claims “Scientifically proven to kill 10 times more odor-causing bacteria than tablets” and “Kills 10x more odor-causing bacteria*[*As compared to the leading denture tablet brands].” Further, the advertiser recognized the need to conduct additional testing based on prior NAD decisions concerning similar claims.

The advertiser also informed NAD that it is in the process of modifying its packaging and advertising to remove the “10x” claims.

However, the advertiser maintained that it would continue to make the stand-alone claims that the product “Removes the toughest stains,” “Cleans in just 3 minutes” and “Get your dentures crystal clean.”

NAD appreciated the advertiser’s decision to voluntarily and permanently discontinue the claims, an action NAD found to be necessary and Prestige, in its advertiser’s statement, said the company “will be guided by the results of future testing when determining whether similar claims are appropriate for future use. Prestige appreciates the NAD’s attention to this matter.”