BBB National Programs Operating Status

COVID-19 Operating Status

To protect the health and safety of our employees while providing the support our stakeholders expect from us, BBB National Programs currently is operating remotely. As we continue to fulfill our mission, where businesses turn to enhance consumers’ trust and consumers are heard, we have modified the business processes for our 10 leading independent self-regulatory and dispute resolution programs. These modifications enable us to maintain uninterrupted operations.

BBB National Programs continues to work with our many stakeholders. We are accepting new and proceeding with existing complaints, challenges, and inquiries. We are conducting video conference, email, and teleconference dispute resolution, compliance, and guidance support. We are welcoming new participants and program supporters. All our programs are providing uninterrupted services.

BBB National Programs stands ready to serve you. If you do not already know how to engage with us, and need assistance or have questions, please email us at—one of our team members will respond quickly to assist you.