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BBB National Programs is a nonprofit organization where businesses turn to enhance consumer trust, and consumers are heard.  BBB National Programs is where companies, industry experts, and trade associations work together within a self-regulatory environment to address issues of national and global importance, and to foster industry best practices in truth-in-advertising, child-directed marketing, data privacy, and dispute resolution.


At BBB National Programs, we understand that cultivating a great team is critical to advancing our mission to foster trust, innovation, and competition in the marketplace. Our staff is made up of talented, diverse, and highly-motivated professionals who continually seek out new challenges and opportunities to catalyze progress. Our workplace is an inclusive and dynamic environment that supports our employees and the meaningful work that they do.


BBB National Programs is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.



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BBB National Programs

Arbitration Hearing Coordinator

Based in our Northern Virginia headquarters offices, the Arbitration Hearing Coordinator is an energetic, detail-oriented professional that will be the face of the McLean-based Arbitration Hearing Site. This role requires strong interpersonal skills to engage with stakeholders and strong organization skills to orchestrate effective, high-quality arbitration hearings that are a good experience for all participants.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Schedule arbitration hearings (in-writing, in-person, virtual, and telephone)
  • Administer arbitration hearings, both in-person and remotely for in-person hearing in other locations
  • Prepare and distribute necessary documents for hearings
    • Establish and maintain rapport with arbitrators and manufacturer representatives to facilitate a high-quality hearing experience
    • Explain the hearing process to all participants
    • Coordinate, support, innovate and grow the McLean Hearing Site.
    • Coordinate all pre-hearing and post-hearing correspondence which includes reminder calls and hearing prep calls
    • Assist the Manager of Training with all internal and external training requirements, including developing training content for new and refresher training
    • Maintain volunteer database and assist in conducting in-service trainings for volunteers


    • Knowledge of BBB AUTO LINE program and Hearing Site Bureau requirements
    • Experience with hearing administration
    • Experience reading and analyzing Lemon law program summaries as they relate to the individual case assessments
    • Experience with Microsoft Teams, including coordinating meetings, setup, recording and other functionality
    • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
    • Excellent attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills
    • Strong decision-making skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Quick learner
    • Excellent inter-personal skills
    • Comfortable working collaboratively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
    • Strong relevant Office 365 skills and other similar skills

    Competitive Salaries

    BBB National Programs knows that recognition for a job well done goes a long way, so we offer competitive salaries.  

    More Than a Job Description

    BBB National Programs offers flextime, compressed work schedules, telecommuting, paid holidays, sick leave and a variety of other options that give our employees the balance they need to excel at their jobs. 

    Competitive Benefits

    BBB National Programs offers medical, vision, and dental coverage. In addition, we offer flexible spending accounts and a variety of insurance options. Looking to stay fit? We offer a fully-equipped on-site gym.

    Retirement Plans

    BBB National Programs helps employees progress not only professionally but also financially by offering a 401(k) plan.