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National Programs Operating Status

BBB National Programs remains vigilant, following the guidance of federal, state, and local officials and using necessary precautions to keep our employees, partners, and stakeholders safe and healthy.


As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, we stand ready to help businesses and individuals navigate the significant challenges they are facing in a time of great uncertainty.


Like any major natural disaster, the coronavirus will have a significant impact on businesses and economies and has already demonstrated an ability to disrupt regular operating procedures for most Americans. BBB National Programs staff, and the 10 programs we serve, have successfully moved to remote work and remain operational.


BBB National Programs remains focused on serving its stakeholders during this international pandemic.


  • We are accepting new and proceeding with existing complaints, challenges, and inquiries.
  • We are conducting video conference, email, and teleconference dispute resolution, compliance, and guidance support.
  • We are welcoming new participants and program supporters. All our programs are providing uninterrupted services.


BBB National Programs stands ready to serve you. If you do not already know how to engage with us, and need assistance or have questions, please email us at—one of our team members will respond quickly to assist you. 


For Businesses

Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food Drug Administration have both stated that there are no approved vaccines, drugs, or investigational products currently available to treat or prevent COVID-19, BBB National Programs urges all companies and their salesforces to exercise extreme caution in the dissemination of health-related product claims in their marketing. They should be especially mindful of expressly claiming or implying that their products:


  • Treat or alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19
  • Cure, treat, or alleviate symptoms of viruses
  • Boost or improve immune function
  • Eliminate or remove germs and/or viruses


Should any direct selling company become aware of any COVID-19 or other problematic health-related claims, send them to us here


Operating Status: National Advertising Division

For the health and safety of our National Advertising Division® (NAD) stakeholders, all NAD Fast-Track SWIFT filings should be filed through our online portal and NAD Standard filings should be submitted by email until further notice.


  • Opening a Challenge? Please email Laura Brett,, and Sheryl Harris,, with your opening letter, exhibits, and the challenged advertising. If you submitted a filing by mail after March 9, please email Laura Brett.
  • Large Files: Please contact us directly if any files related to your filing are too large to submit via email and we will make alternate arrangements.
  • Filing Fees: You will be provided an invoice and information on submitting payments electronically.
  • Meetings: All meetings will move forward as scheduled and be held by video or telephone conference. The attorney assigned to the matter will contact you to set up meeting logistics.


Operating Status: BBB AUTO LINE

 We are experiencing a higher than normal call volume.


  • If you are calling to file a new BBB AUTO LINE® claim, click here.
  • To follow up on an existing BBB AUTO LINE® claim, email us.



To protect the health and safety of BBB National Programs staff, stakeholders, and partners, and to align with the guidance of federal, state, and local officials, we are rescheduling upcoming events to the fall or moving them to an online platform. We are communicating with participants and registrants via email but if you have any questions, please contact



Additional Resources


Our national partner, Google, has gathered some useful resources to help your business navigate these challenging times. View these resources here.



Related News

NARB Finds Supported the Claims that Aleve is “Proven Better On Pain” than Tylenol Extra Strength For First Six Hours After Ingestion

For Immediate Release
Contact: Saveeta Dhanai, NARB Coordinator, 212.705.0115 /


New York, NY – April 6, 2020 – A panel of the National Advertising Review Board (“NARB”) has determined that Bayer Healthcare LLC has properly supported the claims that Aleve is “Proven Better on Pain than Tylenol Extra Strength” and “Proven Better on Pain than Tylenol,” but has recommended that the advertiser modify such claims by adding a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the asserted pain-relief superiority is based on clinical data from the first six hours after initial dosing. 

NARB is the appellate unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation. The advertising at issue had been challenged by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., the maker of Tylenol products, before the National Advertising Division (“NAD”).  NAD is an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation.  Following NAD’s decision, Bayer appealed NAD’s findings. 

The active ingredients in Aleve and Tylenol are naproxen sodium and acetaminophen, respectively. Aleve and Tylenol have different dosing regimens, but both products are labeled for the same over-the-counter indications of use.

In support of Bayer’s strong comparative superiority “establishment” claims, it relied on the data generated in six clinical trials. Four of these tested Aleve head-to-head with Tylenol Extra Strength – three dental pain studies from the early 1990s and one recently conducted cross-over menstrual pain study. In addition, Aleve was evaluated against Tylenol 8HR Arthritis Pain (a time-release version of regular-strength Tylenol) in two studies, one dental pain and one menstrual pain.  The NARB panel noted that there was no dispute that all of Bayer’s clinical studies were well designed and properly executed. Rather, the dispute centered on whether the data generated in those studies support the Bayer pain-relief superiority claims set forth in the challenged advertising.

After closely evaluating Bayer’s evidence, the NARB panel concluded that Bayer provided reasonable, competent and reliable scientific support for the pain-relief superiority of Aleve compared to Tylenol Extra Strength (and consequently, the lower dose regular-strength Tylenol), for the first six hours after an initial dose. 

However, the NARB panel expressed concern that as currently stated, the two challenged claims are potentially misleading to consumers. The panel noted that for some consumers re-medication with Tylenol Extra Strength at six hours reflects real-world usage, but there was no such re-medication in the clinicals comparing Aleve with Tylenol Extra Strength. Nor did either party offer evidence considering the incidence of re-dosing by Tylenol Extra Strength users at that point. Therefore, the panel recommended that the advertiser modify the two challenged claims with a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the asserted pain-relief superiority is based on clinical data from the first six hours after initial dosing.

Bayer stated that it “will comply with the NARB’s recommendation” and that it “appreciates the NARB’s consideration of its advertising, respects the NAD, and supports the self-regulatory review process.”


About the National Advertising Review Board (NARB): NARB is the appellate body for advertising industry self-regulation. NARB’s membership is composed of 87 professionals from three different categories: national advertisers (49 members), advertising agencies (26 members), and public members (12) made up of academics and former members of the public sector. 

About BBB National Programs: BBB National Programs (BBB NP) fosters trust, innovation, and competition in the marketplace through the development and delivery of cost-effective, third-party self-regulation, dispute resolution and other programs. The programs were formerly administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. BBB NP is the home of industry self-regulatory and dispute resolution programs that include the National Advertising Division (NAD), National Advertising Review Board (NARB), BBB EU Privacy Shield, BBB AUTO LINE, Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI), Children’s Confection Advertising Initiative (CCAI), Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), Digital Advertising Accountability Program (Accountability Program), and the Coalition for Better Advertising Dispute Resolution Program (CBA DRM). The programs are designed to resolve business issues and advance shared objectives by responding to marketplace concerns to create a better customer experience. To learn more about industry self-regulation, please visit: