Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council Recommends Young Living Discontinue Certain Health-Related Product Claims in Compliance Inquiry

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Contact: Abby Hills, Director of Communications, BBB National Programs

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McLean, VA – March 29, 2022 – The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) of BBB National Programs opened a compliance inquiry to review advertising from Young Living Essential Oils, LLC that had been the subject of an inquiry from 2020. In this compliance inquiry, DSSRC identified new claims that referred to similar health-related claims that were challenged in the 2020 inquiry, including claims that Young Living’s products can effectively treat COVID-19 and its symptoms. DSSRC recommended that these new claims, made by Young Living salesforce members, be discontinued. 

DSSRC is responsible for independent monitoring of advertising and marketing claims in the direct selling industry, as part of its compliance process. 

Here, the non-government organization that initiated the 2020 DSSRC inquiry called DSSRC’s attention to claims communicated in a YouTube video and on that Young Living’s essential oils and supplements can prevent, treat, and mitigate the symptoms of COVID-19.

As noted in previous DSSRC cases, health-related claims must be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence, as defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). DSSRC contacted Young Living and asked them to provide an update on the actions the company had taken to adhere to its commitment to comply with the recommendations made by DSSRC in its 2020 decision and, in addition, to address the message communicated in the YouTube video and on that Young Living products can effectively treat COVID-19 and its symptoms.

Young Living did not attempt to substantiate the claims communicated in the posts at issue and acknowledged that the claims brought to its attention were not appropriate and did not adhere to the company’s Policy and Procedure. DSSRC appreciated the good faith actions that were taken by Young Living to address the video that was the subject of this compliance inquiry. Upon being informed about the problematic claims, Young Living took immediate steps to reconcile the matter, which included both removal of the video as well as engaging in direct dialogue with the salesforce member to provide further education and training regarding appropriate claim communication.

DSSRC appreciated Young Living's commitment to having the content removed from both platforms, and will continue to monitor claims made Young Living and its salesforce to ensure that the dissemination of such unsupported product claims is not a systemic issue. 

All BBB National Programs case decision summaries can be found in the case decision library. For the full text of DSSRC decisions, visit the DSSRC Cases and Closures webpage.


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About the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council: The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), a division of BBB National Programs, provides independent, impartial monitoring, dispute resolution, and enforcement of false product claims and income representations made by direct selling companies and their salesforce members across digital platforms. The DSSRC seeks to establish high standards of integrity and business ethics for all direct selling companies in the marketplace. 

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