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Thought leadership on pressing topics and emerging issues from BBB National Programs President & CEO Eric D. Reicin

  • American Privacy Rights Act: A Primer for Business

    Was it the recent series of natural phenomena that prompted Congress to move on a bipartisan, bicameral federal privacy bill? We can’t say with certainty, but we can outline for you what we believe to be, at first glance, the most compelling elements of the American Privacy Rights Act of 2024 (APRA).
    Apr 12
  • Take Care of Your “Health-Lite” Claims

    Some advertisers believe they can avoid scrutiny when making health-related claims by making their claim “softer.” But context is key. Health benefit claims must comply with the FTC’s Health Products Compliance Guidance. The substantiation bar is not lowered by changing the approach to the health-related claim.
    Mar 14
  • Bullish but Cautionary: A Balanced Way to Approach the Impact of AI

    Business and nonprofit leaders in the U.S. may not feel so weighty a responsibility in assessing the global impact of AI, but we must realize AI’s power to impact our organizations, our local economies, our sectors, and our nation.
    Mar 13
  • New Rules of the Road Can Sustain US Leadership on Interoperable Digital Data Flows

    President Biden closed February 2024 with an EO that signaled an important development for how the U.S. plans to position and guard itself from global adversaries, and speaks volumes about how the U.S. views the next-generation impacts of data flows on the digital economy and how our nation can be better equipped as a global leader. Read our takeaways and future considerations.
    Mar 11
  • KOSA (and Children’s Privacy) on the Move

    The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) is gaining traction in the U.S. Senate after the most recent round of revisions released this month by Senators Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn, following on the heels of proposed changes to the COPPA Rule. Here are CARU's high-level takeaways from the KOSA revisions with some insight into each revision.
    Feb 28
  • Location Not Found: Mitigating Precise Geolocation Consent Flow Risk

    Privacy-minded Federal Trade Commission (FTC) watchers have seen two bombshell enforcement actions related to alleged mishandling of consumer geolocation data. The Privacy Initiative team delves into those cases, the breadth of the penalties the FTC has included in the proposed orders, and best practices to avoid the crosshairs.
    Feb 22
  • Big Game Ad Claims: Trends & Lessons Learned

    It’s time again for the Big Game, when we gather to watch the most expensive commercials of the year. As brands create memorable content, it is important they remember to make all claims truthful and accurate. This year, as you watch brands’ creative efforts, keep these lessons learned from past NAD cases in mind.
    Feb 9
  • The ABCs of DPF and GDPR

    Easing data flows across the Atlantic, the EU-U.S. DPF satisfies requirements outlined under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), helping companies avoid steep fines.
    Feb 7
  • The FTC Joins the Global CBPR Party

    This month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced participation in the Global Cooperation Arrangement for Privacy Enforcement (Global CAPE), signaling the agency’s interest in keeping pace with the increasingly global nature of commerce and marks an important step forward for the global expansion of CBPRs.
    Jan 29
  • The UK Extension: Implications for International Data Transfers

    The UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (DPF) took effect, permitting the flow of personal data from the UK to the U.S. without the need for further safeguards and making UK coverage accessible for companies of all sizes. The UK Extension signals its commitment and enthusiasm for sustainable data flows.
    Jan 24