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Thought leadership on pressing topics and emerging issues from BBB National Programs President & CEO Eric D. Reicin

  • Protecting Consumer Health Data Privacy Beyond HIPAA

    Many are taking advantage of apps and other technologies to keep better track of our health in some shape or form, but it is not always clear how the personal information we input is collected, safeguarded, and shared online.
    Jun 15
  • Avoiding False Advertising When Making Health-Related Claims

    NAD cases provide critical insight to advertisers. Understanding what went wrong with the advertising that NAD reviews and evaluates can help prevent future mistakes. Follow these tips to prevent misleading advertising that could interfere with the successful launch of a new health or wellness product.
    Jun 9
  • Are used cars covered under lemon laws?

    Do your homework to make sure the used car you plan to buy is not a lemon, and if it is, does the lemon law cover it? The answer may depend on where you purchased the vehicle or where you live.
    May 18
  • Case Study: Getting to Compliance with CARU and COPPA

    In a recent case, CARU worked with TickTalk to help them achieve compliance with CARU’s Privacy Guidelines and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). CARU sat down with TickTalk once the case had closed to discuss their experience as well as some of the privacy challenges many companies face in the children’s space.
    May 12
  • What to Know About the Georgia Lemon Law

    BBB AUTO LINE provides an overview of each state’s lemon laws. In our ongoing blog series, we offer further insights on the laws for select states, and how BBB AUTO LINE can support consumers with lemon law disputes. Florida, California, and Texas have been covered. This post reviews the nuances of the lemon law in the Peachtree State – Georgia.
    Apr 26
  • The TAPP Roadmap: Helping U.S. Companies Responsibly Collect and Manage Teenager Data

    The TeenAge Privacy Program (TAPP) Roadmap was designed to assist any business that wishes to engage proactively with teen consumers, providing an operational framework to map the broad spectrum of potential harms impacting teens onto a concrete set of operational considerations.
    Apr 19
  • Pursuing Best Practices For Representation In Advertising

    As advertising volume increases, so too do people’s expectations of representation in advertising. Unfortunately, advertising collectively is still falling short, and consumer perceptions reflect that. Why answer this call from consumers? And what is being done about it?
    Apr 13
  • 3 Things to Know About Electric Cars and Lemon Laws

    If you don’t own an EV, you likely know someone who does. More and more manufacturers are investing in them and the federal government has supported this momentum with a significant investment in charging stations nationwide. With EVs as the wave of the future, take note of some unique considerations surrounding EVs when it comes to their warranty and the lemon law.
    Mar 30
  • What to Know About the Texas Lemon Law

    If you feel that your vehicle is a lemon, all is not lost. “Lemon laws” protect vehicle owners whose purchases go sour, at both the federal and state level. For our larger states, we are providing a more in-depth review of the laws and how BBB AUTO LINE can support consumers in lemon law disputes. Previously, we looked at Florida and California. Now let’s take a look at the Texas lemon law.
    Mar 10
  • Industry Education Remains Top of Mind for Direct Selling Companies

    Our session at the 2022 Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit focused on a topic at the forefront of our work at the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) – how to appropriately substantiate and disseminate product and earnings claims – one that will be on center stage at our 2022 Direct Selling Summit on July 27.
    Mar 9