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Thought leadership on pressing topics and emerging issues from BBB National Programs President & CEO Eric D. Reicin

  • The FTC Spelled Out its Priorities at NAD 2022

    The FTC presentations send a strong message that it is time for national advertisers to take a hard look at their own advertising. With a strong focus on consumer protection and building consumer trust in advertising practices, companies should consider using independent self-regulation to do just that.
    Oct 27
  • From Regional to Global: The CBPR System Goes Global

    Recently we wrote about the objectives of the Global Forum, APEC, the APEC Framework, and the APEC CBPR System. This blog addresses the transition from the APEC CBPR System to the Global CBPR System. What are the unique benefits for participants?
    Oct 25
  • A Look Ahead: Uncharted Territory for Lemon Laws and Privacy

    The future of BBB AUTO LINE will likely be impacted by the answers to these three questions: Can lemon laws keep pace with radical changes in the way vehicles operate? What is the true impact of new regulations governing vehicles? How will evolving data privacy concerns presented by connected cars be addressed and resolved?
    Oct 11
  • The U.S. Takes a Huge Next Step Towards GDPR Adequacy

    In this post, we break down the recent Executive Order regarding the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, issued October 7. While this is a huge step towards adequacy under the GDPR, the process has just begun. The EO will serve as the legal basis for the European Commission to make a new adequacy decision.
    Oct 10
  • The Problems with Endorsements

    BBB National Programs shared its concerns about endorsement practices in a comment submitted last week to the FTC as a part of proposed updates to its Endorsement Guides.
    Oct 6
  • What to Know About the Ohio Lemon Law

    Is your vehicle a lemon? If it is, what can you do? We’ve looked at how North Carolina, New York, Georgia, Texas, California, and Florida define a lemon. Now it is time to look at the state of Ohio.
    Sep 21
  • West Virginia vs. EPA: Opportunities for Independent Industry Self-Regulation

    Regardless of where one stands on whether the U.S. Supreme Court decided West Virginia v. EPA correctly, the decision provides an opportunity for business to play a meaningful role in finding solutions to relevant public policy issues through the exploration – and potential widespread adoption – of independent industry self-regulation.
    Sep 21
  • Expanding Accountability for DEIB in National Advertising

    Beginning today, NAD's procedures have been revised to join CARU in holding advertisers accountable for advertising that portrays or encourages misleading and harmful social stereotyping, prejudice, or discrimination.
    Sep 19
  • From Regional to Global: Profiling the Expansion of CBPR

    In this series, we are going to explore how the newly formed CBPR Global Forum came to be and how it will complement other privacy frameworks to promote the free flow of data internationally.
    Sep 6
  • Getting Disclosures Right: An FTC Focus and Evolving Challenge for Advertisers

    Before the FTC or other regulators crack down on the misleading use of disclosures, brands should focus attention on making disclosures that are easy to see and understand to build a trusted relationship with consumers.
    Aug 31