DSSRC Administrative Closure #8

DSSRC investigated a multi-level direct selling marketing company that specializes in boutique jewelry regarding earnings claims that were primarily disseminated on Facebook. The claims involved the potential to achieve “financial freedom” and a substantial income or lavish lifestyle. One such claim mentioned that a mother of three who was working as a full-time teacher was able to earn $30,000 last year as a result of selling the company’s goods, and this was followed by the statement that this story is “one of thousands and could easily be your story.” On the company’s website, a sliding scale was included which ranged from $250-$10,000, with the caption: “how much you earn is up to you-slide to your desired monthly paycheck.” Lastly, there was another notable claim involving a photo of a woman at a car dealership signing for a new vehicle with the caption, “...just over 2 years ago, I took a big leap and jumped head first into this fun side gig...I had a big goal - to save enough money to buy a new car and NOT have a car payment... I'm so grateful for this flexible side hustle...”

In turn, after receiving the letter from DSSRC with the claims at issue, the company removed the social media posts that were identified and revised the sliding income calculator on their website, including the removal of the statement “how much you earn is up to you.”

(closed on 7/3/2019)