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  • 5/10/2023 - Ad Watchers: It’s not easy being green. What’s next in ESG?

    In this episode of Ad Watchers, hosts Dan and Annie are joined by an Ad Watchers veteran, La Toya Sutton, now with The Clorox Company, ahead of Earth Day to discuss what’s new in green claims and the in-house perspective on addressing brand claims before they hit the shelves.
  • 4/19/2023 - Privacy IRL: Meet the Hosts of Priv

    Many people think privacy is a narrow lane, but in reality, privacy is so much more. In this episode of Priv, host Dona Fraser interviews our new co-host, Jason Cronk, on how he defines privacy, what drives him, and a little bit about his journey into a career in privacy.

  • 4/05/2023 - Ad Watchers: Are you taking care of your health (claims)?

    In this episode of Ad Watchers, hosts Dan and Annie break down the FTC’s new Health Products Compliance Guidance, which outlines how to ensure that claims about benefits and safety of health-related products are truthful, not misleading, and supported by science.
  • 12/21/2022 - Ad Watchers: How Can You Ensure Your DEI Efforts Are Authentic?

    As the expectation for representation has continued to rise, advertisers are turning to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts to ensure everyone feels seen. NAD recognizes the significance of authenticity in these diverse depictions and will be enforcing new standards to hold companies accountable when they endorse harmful stereotypes in their advertisements. Listen now to understand the key components of a truly inclusive DEI campaign.

  • 12/14/2022 - Flo on Priv: Data Privacy Challenges in Women’s Health Apps

    When we count steps with fitness trackers, log weight and diet information into apps, and share personal health information on platforms not covered by HIPAA, how is that information we input collected, safeguarded, and shared online, and who carries the burden of privacy protection? In this week’s Priv, we are joined by Tsimafei Savitski, Chief Legal Compliance Officer, and Roman Bugaev, Chief Technology Officer of Flo, an app designed to track ovulation cycles.


  • 11/16/2022 - The Future of EU-U.S. Data Transfers

    On October 7, the negotiations between the U.S. and European Commission regarding the future of the data privacy frameworks behind the Privacy Shield program were completed with the release of a Presidential Executive Order, passing the baton to the EU for the start of their adequacy process. Finally, after two years of limbo, the 5,000 businesses that rely on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework got some insight into what steps the United States will take to uphold its commitment under a new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework.

  • 11/09/2022 - Ad Watchers: Where is the Line Between Ethical Design and Dark Patterns?

    Think about the times you felt tricked or frustrated by a membership or subscription that had a seamless signup process but was later difficult to cancel. Something that should be simple and transparent can be complicated, intentionally or unintentionally, in ways that impair consumer choice. These are examples of dark patterns. Unfortunately, dark patterns are becoming increasingly common as companies look for ways to boost profits. While some may seem harmless, others can have serious consequences for users. 

  • 10/26/2022 - The Metaverse Will Blur the Lines Between Physical and Online Privacy

    On this episode of Privacy Abbreviated, hosts Dona and Catherine are joined by Tracy Shapiro, a privacy expert, and partner at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati. Together, they discuss the many questions related to how virtual reality will force privacy standards to evolve in the coming years. Though no one has concrete answers yet, Tracy offers her predictions on the most likely outcomes.

  • 9/14/2022 - Ad Watchers: How is Direct Selling Advertising Different?

    Ad Watchers hosts are joined by Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council Vice President, Peter Marinello, who shares with listeners how DSSRC has worked to support the direct selling industry. Listen now to understand self-regulation's impact on the market and what to expect during a direct selling self-regulatory case.

  • 8/31/2022 - The Good, the Bad, and the Grey of Targeted Advertising

    As a consumer, do you see value in targeted advertising or are you creeped out by marketers tracking you across the internet?

    In this episode of Privacy Abbreviated hosts Catherine and Dona are joined by the host of the MarTech Podcast and founder of I Hear Everything Ben Shapiro. Together, they discuss how small and medium businesses (SMBs) should use targeted advertising without crossing legal boundaries or scaring away customers. Ben offers insight into where he sees the marketing industry headed and how advertisers can prepare for emerging privacy laws. Listen now to learn how to provide continuous value to your audience, how to keep them engaged, and how to keep them coming back for more.

  • 8/17/2022 - Ad Watchers: Revisiting the Best Podcast Episode Ever: What is Puffery?

    When you hear a claim in an advertisement like, “best in the world,” you probably know that the product has not been measurably proven to actually be the best in the world. And that’s okay, because this is an example of puffery, an exaggerated, blustering, or boastful statement or general claim that could only be understood to be an expression of opinion, not a statement of fact. But where is the line between puffery and a claim that needs a reasonable basis?

  • 7/27/2022 - Ad Watchers: How Should You Present Scientific Evidence to Support Your Ad Claims?

    Understanding how to present scientific evidence in a substantiation case can be difficult, especially when the data is complex or no industry standard exists. In this episode of Ad Watchers, the hosts discuss a complex topic: how should marketers put scientific data to use? They answer this question by diving into different types of scientific evidence and which types of claims they support most effectively.

  • 7/13/2022 - The State of Privacy: How Did We Get Here?

    Looking back even just five years ago, the privacy landscape looked nothing like it does today – there was no General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the demands on businesses were much different. In the first episode of Privacy Abbreviated, your hosts explain how we got to the landscape we see today and talk about what this means for businesses.

  • 6/29/2022 - Introducing Privacy Abbreviated: Meet the Hosts

    BBB National Programs is pleased to introduce Privacy Abbreviated. Hosted by privacy experts Dona Fraser and Catherine Dawson, this new podcast series will discuss the impact of privacy laws and tech innovation on small and medium-sized companies and what business leaders can do to meet challenges in this evolving landscape. 


  • 6/22/2022 - Ad Watchers: What Should You Consider Before Making Cosmetics Claims?

    The cosmetics industry is booming and it is easy to see why: most people want to look younger, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and take care of their skin. But just like claims for dietary supplements, beauty product claims must be truthful, not misleading, and require substantiation. In this episode of the Ad Watchers, hosts break down the most common pitfalls they see in cosmetics advertising and how to avoid them.   

  • 5/25/2022 - Ad Watchers: What Does it Take To Get Consumer Perception Surveys Right?

    In this episode of Ad Watchers, hosts provide an overview of some of the biggest points to consider when creating consumer perception surveys, such as whether it has an appropriate universe and a representative sample, how to determine if you have a well-designed questionnaire, and how to use these surveys effectively at NAD.

  • 4/20/2022 - Ad Watchers: How Can You Avoid the Grey Areas of Green Claims?

    In the season two premiere of Ad Watchers, La Toya Sutton and her new co-host, Eric Unis, walk listeners through environmental benefit claims, or “green claims,” to help advertisers and practitioners think about the questions they should ask when advertising in this arena. Listen in to hear the four critical questions that companies should ask themselves when developing advertising that incorporates any type of environmental marketing claims.

  • 3/23/2022 - COPPA Questions: Are Safe Harbors Effective?

    As the drumbeat to modernize the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) continues, all components of the 1998 law have come under scrutiny, particularly the Safe Harbor provision. Under COPPA, the FTC has the ability to approve industry groups to administer self-regulatory programs implementing the protections for children outlined in the rule. Recently, some lawmakers have raised concerns that Safe Harbors are not an effective complement to the COPPA rule and might even be allowing for the rubberstamping of businesses that take advantage of Safe Harbors.

  • 10/27/2021 - Ad Watchers: What Evidence Do You Need to Support Health Claims?

    Any sort of advertising claims related to health or wellness have a special place within advertising claims substantiation: all advertising claims need a reasonable basis, but when it comes to health claims, that reasonable basis has to be competent and reliable scientific evidence, or CARSE. This means that the results of any study done should reflect how the product will work in practice. Tune in to the final episode of Ad Watchers Season One to hear hosts Hal Hodes and La Toya Sutton break down what this evidence should really look like in practice.
  • 10/20/2021 - Data Privacy Accountability in Practice: A Case Study of Cisco

    In this episode of The Accountability Studio, host Cobun Zweifel-Keegan is joined by Cisco's Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Harvey Jang, and BBB National Programs’ Director of Global Privacy Initiatives, Josh Harris, for a deep-dive into one company’s innovative approach to data privacy, accountability, and trust. Listen in to learn how Cisco developed its privacy program and how Jang and his team made privacy a business imperative for the company.