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Strong Signal to the Mobile Industry: the Accountability Program’s Enforcement is Underway

Arlington, VA — September 3, 2015 – The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program is alerting mobile apps, marketers, browsers, and others in the mobile advertising chain, that enforcement of longstanding industry privacy standards is now underway.

These standards, known as the Digital Advertising Alliance Self-Regulatory Principles, provide consumers with transparency and choice about interest-based advertising and forbid the use of multi-site data for making important eligibility decisions such as employment or credit. Now, the Accountability Program will enforce compliance with these well-respected standards on mobile browsers and across mobile apps, as explained in the DAA Mobile Guidance: “Application of the DAA Principles to the Mobile Environment.”

The Accountability Program will be monitoring companies’ new responsibilities to give mobile device users real-time notice and obtain consent before precise location data and user-generated data such as calendars, contacts, photos or videos are collected.

Since its creation in 2011, the Accountability Program has issued 58 compliance actions and has built a reputation for fair, strong enforcement. Industry has also supported its work; in fact, the Accountability Program has only had to refer one company to a regulatory agency for refusal to participate in its self-regulatory compliance process.

The Accountability Program and its sister accountability agent, the Direct Marketing Association, are ready to help companies come into compliance and to handle complaints regarding non-compliance. For guidance from DMA’s General Counsel, Senny Boone, click here.