CFBAI Resources


Key Program Documents & Resources

CFBAI Product List (July 2016)

Enhanced Core Principles (4th Edition) (January 2014)

Participants' Nutrition Standards Table (December 2012)

Audience Definitions (March 2012)

CFBAI Category Specific Uniform Nutrition Criteria (July 2011) 

White Paper on CFBAI Uniform Nutrition Criteria (July 2011)

2014 Progress Report (December 2015)

2013 Progress Report (December 2014)

2012 Progress Report (December 2013)

2011 Progress Report (December 2012)

2010 Progress Report (December 2011)

2009 Progress Report (December 2010)

2008 Progress Report (October 2009) 

2007 Progress Report (July 2008) 


Fact Sheets 

CFBAI 2015 Cereal Snapshot (November 2015)

CFBAI-CARU Fact Sheet (September 2014)

What "Child-Directed Advertising" Means Under CFBAI (August 2014)

CFBAI's Category-Specific Uniform Nutrition Criteria (June 2013)

CFBAI 2014 Cereals Snapshot (March 2014)

CFBAI 2013 Cereals Snapshot (May 2013)

CFBAI 2012 Cereals Snapshot (October 2012)

2012 Snapshot of Advertising on Children’s Programming (June 2012)

CFBAI Whole Grains Fact Sheet (May 2012) 

CFBAI 2011 Cereals Snapshot (December 2011)

CFBAI Fact Sheet (March 2011)

2010 Snapshot of Advertising on Children’s Programming (September 2010)

Program Summary Fact Sheet (September 2010)

Program Requirements Fact Sheet (March 2010)

Product Reformulation and Innovation Fact Sheet (February 2010) 

Elementary School Advertising Principles (2009) 


Public Comments & Statements 

CFBAI Statement on Petition of CCFC and CDD re Food Ads on YouTube Kids App (November 2015)

CFBAI Statement on Snack FACTS 2015 (November 2015)

CFBAI Statement on the report on candy advertising published in the journal Appetite  (September 2015)

Comment to the WHO on the Interim Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (June 2015)

American Licorice Company Pledges to Not Advertise Directly to Children (May 2015) 

Comment to HHS/USDA on the Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (May 2015)

CFBAI Statement on the "We Can: Go, Slow, Whoa" Categories (May 2015)

Comment to the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs Working Group on how to realize governments' commitments to engage with the private sector (February 2015)

CFBAI Statement on the Healthy Eating Research Recommendations for Responsible Food Marketing to Children (January 2015)