National Advertising Division Fast-Track SWIFT

The compelling need for quick resolution of truth and transparency issues that arise in digital advertising prompted National Advertising Division (NAD) to develop a new time-sensitive resource for industry. Fast-Track SWIFT (Single Well-defined Issue Fast Track) will review the prominence and/or sufficiency of disclosures in influencer marketing, and native advertising as well as other advertising truth and transparency issues that do not require complex claim substantiation. Once payment is received, Fast-Track SWIFT will resolve these matters within 20 business days.



Initiating a Fast-Track SWIFT Challenge


Challenges are submitted via the Fast-Track SWIFT online portal and must include:


  • The advertiser’s contact information, including identifying the correct person to whom the challenge should be directed
  • A copy of the challenged advertising and the date(s) and platforms(s) the challenged claim appeared
  • A brief description of the facts showing how the advertising is likely controlled by the advertiser
  • Exhibits to support the argument that the challenged claim is not substantiated (if applicable)
  • A brief statement as to why the challenged claim is appropriate for the SWIFT process (e.g., it fits within the categories defined as appropriate for SWIFT review, etc.)
  • The filing fee must be received by NAD before the 20-day countdown clock will begin on the challenge



Eligible Claims


Fast-Track SWIFT challenges are limited to a single issue. Claims that may be worded slightly differently but still convey the same message can be brought in a single challenge. Initially, NAD will only accept three types of claims for consideration in a Fast-Track SWIFT challenge: 


  1. The prominence or sufficiency of disclosures including disclosure issues in influencer marketing, native advertising, and incentivized reviews
  2. Misleading pricing and sales claims
  3. Misleading express claims that do not require review of complex evidence or substantiation such clinical or technical testing or consumer perception evidence




Read the NAD|NARB Procedures for more detailed information on NAD Fast-Track SWIFT.