National Advertising Review Board (NARB)

NARB is the appellate body for the advertising industry’s program of self-regulation. When an advertiser which is a party to an NAD proceeding is not willing to comply with an NAD recommendation, it may appeal (and, in the case of the challenger at NAD, petition for a right to appeal) the decision to a five-member NARB panel for an independent review. NARB provides for industry peer review of NAD decisions, helping to promote the voluntary compliance that is the key pillar of industry self-regulation. Even with the recent increases, 85% of NAD decisions are typically not appealed, but accepted by the parties.

As of 2020, NARB will be made up of 86 professionals from three different professional backgrounds: (i) national advertisers (48), (ii) advertising agencies (26), and (iii) public members (academics and other members of the public sector) (12). Each appeals panel consists of three national advertisers, one agency representative, and one public sector representative. NARB members are nominated for their stature and experience in their respective fields. Nominations are made by the BBB National Programs, ANA, AAAA, and AAF. The term for membership is two years, and each member is eligible to be re-appointed for two additional two-year terms. Due to an increase in the number of appeals in the last few years, NARB has increased the number of Board Members to facilitate the scheduling of appeals in a timely fashion.