Hyundai is a national participant in BBB AUTO LINE’s vehicle warranty and lemon law dispute resolution program. Hyundai partners with BBB National Programs to provide consumers with a fair, neutral, and transparent path to resolve warranty disputes.

Do you have a vehicle warranty issue that you have been unable to resolve with your dealer?


Hyundai is a participant in the BBB AUTO LINE program, providing their vehicle owners or lessees with free vehicle warranty and lemon law dispute resolution services without the need for an attorney. 



Hyundai is a National Participant in BBB AUTO LINE.

This means that certain vehicle warranty and lemon law disputes are accepted from all U.S. states. This is one factor in your eligibility for a BBB AUTO LINE claim. Your full eligibility for the BBB AUTO LINE program can depend on a number of factors.


The Hyundai Program Summary describes the types of claims that the manufacturer has agreed to arbitrate through the BBB AUTO LINE program.








Class Action Settlement Arbitration Programs

BBB National Programs provides arbitration services for arbitrations arising out of class action settlement agreements. Please note that these arbitration programs are very specific to the actual settlement agreement and only cover certain model years, specific vehicle issues, and provide specific remedies based on the terms of the settlement agreement.  





Lemon Laws by State

Though lemon laws differ state-by-state, they require manufacturers to repair, replace, or refund a vehicle with defects covered under warranty. 


State Lemon Laws




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