BBB EU Privacy Shield

Following the Privacy Shield Principles enables U.S. businesses to demonstrate compliance with data protection standards when processing the personal information of consumers from the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. BBB EU Privacy Shield is the chosen independent recourse mechanism of over 1,000 businesses that wish to bring accountability to their public commitments. The program provides trusted dispute resolution services and helps organizations of all sizes meet Privacy Shield compliance obligations.

Program Impact

BBB EU Privacy Shield operates a trusted, accessible, and independent third-party dispute resolution mechanism enabling individuals in the European Union, United Kingdom, and Switzerland to resolve Privacy Shield complaints against participating U.S. businesses.   




Our no-cost online process provides prompt, thorough handling of privacy inquiries and complaints.


Our long-established independent non-profit organization ensures consumer complaints are heard and addressed by participating businesses.


We help you understand your redress options to ensure business accountability under Privacy Shield.


Procedures are detailed in our Rules and casework is published in our annual Procedure Reports.

Principles & Procedures

When a U.S. business joins Privacy Shield, it makes a public commitment that its processing of EU, UK, and Swiss personal data will meet the data protection standards embodied in the Privacy Shield Principles.


A business that chooses BBB EU Privacy Shield as its IRM agrees to follow our Procedure Rules when responding to privacy complaints, and to keep the same promise to the individuals who make use of our dispute resolution service. 

How to File A Complaint

STEP 1: Contact the business, at the address listed in its privacy policy and the Privacy Shield List.  


STEP 2: Await a reply. The business must respond within 45 days. 

STEP 3: File your complaint with BBB EU Privacy Shield. 


STEP 4: Engage in our dispute resolution process as we work to resolve your complaint with the business. 


STEP 5: If issues remain, you may have additional redress options (see Privacy Shield Annex I). 




Frequently Asked Questions