BBB EU Privacy Shield


Tips to Navigate GDPR: Webinar Recording + Q&A Session

BBB EU Privacy Shield has partnered with data privacy experts from the U.S. Department of Commerce to host a webinar that helps guide you through impending changes in European Union privacy laws and their implications for data transfers to the United States.


The Movement of Data Protection

A global movement in data privacy law is happening as the EU is setting new standards, making data privacy a fundamental human right. Business reputations hang in the balance. Don’t let yours fall short. Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, Deputy Director, Privacy Initiatives (who operates the BBB EU Privacy Shield program) & Jon Brescia, VP  Digital Advertising Accountability Program give us an inside look at what you need to know.

EU Privacy Shield: A BBB National Program 

Today, more than ever, companies large and small are conducting business all over the world, so it begs the question: what happens when businesses transfer personal data across borders? Here to help us understand how US companies safeguard their EU customers’ data is Frances Henderson, Director of Privacy Initiatives and Bryant Fry, Deputy Director of BBB EU Privacy Shield. Join us to hear more about this essential topic in-depth.

Better Series Podcast: Privacy vs. Security

Just in time for Data Privacy Day, Council of Better Business Bureaus Chief Security Officer, Bill Fanelli and Vice President/National Director of Privacy Initiatives, Frances Henderson joins us to discuss the importance of privacy and security.

Better Series Podcast: Internet of Things

In today’s world we find ourselves doing less and depending more on our “things” to do it all for us! As beneficial as this reduced human intervention may be, are there impacts to businesses and consumers that should be thought through? Learn what the experts have to say about the future of IoT for businesses small and large.

Better Series Podcast: An Introduction to BBB EU Privacy Shield

BBB EU Privacy Shield, here to help businesses of all sizes meet EU-US Privacy Shield requirements and conduct business in Europe using adequate data protections. Join us as Vice President/National Director of Privacy Initiatives, Frances Henderson discusses the importance of privacy and how Privacy Shield can help your business.