Children's Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI)

Keurig Dr Pepper Joins CFBAI (Nov. 2019)

CFBAI Statement on ‘Food industry self-regulation after 10 years’ (Rudd Center 2017) (August 2019)

CFBAI Statement Amending the Juices Category in its Category-Specific Nutrition Criteria (August 2019)

18 Leading Food, Beverage, and Restaurant Companies Adopt Revised, Stronger Uniform Nutrition Criteria for Foods Advertised to Children (July 2019)

Leading Food companies deliver excellent compliance on their kids’ food advertising commitments (Dec. 2018)

CFBAI Reports Full Compliance with Food Advertising Commitments in 2016 and Adds Two CCAI Participants (Dec. 2017)