Children's Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI)

Key Program Documents

Annual Reports

CFBAI publishes an annual report on the program’s compliance, program developments and progress, including information regarding improvements in the nutritional quality of the foods that the participants advertise to children. CFBAI reports have consistently found that participants have achieved excellent compliance.

Title Type Size
2018 CFBAI and CCAI Compliance Report pdf 21564 KB Download
2017-cfbai-progress-report pdf 22402 KB Download
2016-cfbai-progress-report pdf 6828 KB Download
2015-cfbai-progress-report pdf 2123 KB Download
2014-cfbai-progress-report pdf 7069 KB Download
2013-cfbai-progress-report pdf 1754 KB Download
2012-cfbai-progress-report pdf 3496 KB Download
2011-cfbai-progress-report pdf 2493 KB Download
2010-cfbai-progress-report pdf 4776 KB Download
2009-cfbai-progress-report pdf 2137 KB Download
2008-cfbai-progress-report pdf 2087 KB Download
2007-cfbai-progress-report pdf 1367 KB Download