Case #82-2022: Administrative Closure – LurraLife Global


The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council 

Case Number 82-2022: Administrative Closure – LurraLife Global



Company Description

LurraLife Global (“LurraLife” or the “Company”) was a multi-level direct-selling company with offices in North Miami Beach, Florida and Lehi, Utah, that marketed health and wellness products, including a detoxification tea to consumers.

Basis of Inquiry

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (“DSSRC”) is a national advertising self-regulation program administered by BBB National Programs. This inquiry was commenced by DSSRC pursuant to its ongoing independent monitoring advertising and marketing claims in the direct selling industry. The representative product and earnings claims that formed the basis of this inquiry are set forth below.

Product Claims

  • Images with copy stating:
    • “Anything VIRUS, BACTERIA, FUNGUS AND PARASITE CANNOT WITHSTAND THIS OXYGEN PRODUCT…Are you suffering from stroke, hepatitis, heart diseases…”
    • “Is anybody suffering from: stroke; cancer; asthma; diabetes; migraine; hepatitis B; hypertension; skin diseases; liver diseases; eye problems; heart diseases”
  • “It has stabilized my blood sugar and my blood pressure is more regulated”
  • “Diabetes, Inflammation, High Blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease – “people who are actually in the process of reversing the state that their in!!”
  • “If you or someone you know is dealing with

    ➡️ Cardiovasular Disease

    ➡️ Type 2 Diabetes

    ➡️ Stubborn Weight

    ➡️ High Blood Pressure

    ➡️ AND MORE......

    ❤️ THIS IS FOR YOU ❤️”



  • “Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea) “it helps with blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol”; “it increases …mental focus, and clarity”; “boosts natural resistance against illness.” THRIVE – “it aids in … blood sugar control”; “reverses sicknesses and disease”
  • “Stay away from illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer. keep your body healthy now!!”
  • “Where else can $40 …  Pay up to $500 for extra FAT;  Aid in Diabetes control;  Aid in Blood Pressure control;  Aid in Cholesterol control;  Aid in Financial Freedom;  Add about 400 tax deductions.”
  • “Improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress on the heart; decreases symptoms and improves quality of life of people with coronary artery disease; improves diabetes symptoms and reverses related damage; facilitates weight loss and alleviates obesity; improves outcome of cancer treatment; prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urinations, and IBS; alleviates cirrhosis and helps detoxify the liver; helps offset lung damage caused by smoking”
  • “Herbal juice not just for weight loss, for people with HIV/AIDS, highblood, sugar diabetics” and “…help to join my team of making lots of dollars.”



  • “LurraLife Gently cleanses and detoxifies whole body and mind.

  • Promotes weight loss to reach ideal weight helps with blood pressure

    And cholesterols increases energy,mental clarity, and focus Boosts natural resistance against Illness.”

  • “There is a testimony where a woman suffered from high blood pressure. She started taking thrive and it has lowered her blood pressure”
  • “Chronic Pain; Hypertension; Stress or Anxiety; Prostate Problems; Earaches; Sore Gums”
  • “Research has shown regular use of these antioxidant-rich adaptogenic mushrooms can significantly improve cognitive function, protect against the effects of aging, and boost immunity.”
  • “Lurra Greens natural cardio-health green drink mix is designed to help fuel the body’s natural healing processes to restore and strengthen cardiovascular health. In addition, it holistically supports the body in healing and reversing insulin resistance and can aid in blood sugar and appetite control. *Benefits* supports body in reversing insulin resistance; helps improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease; aid in weight loss and blood sugar control”
  • Image with copy stating “reduce risk of cancer; prevent cardiovascular diseases; reduce risk of arthritis; helps lower cholesterol; good for reducing diabetes; bronchitis and emphysema; protect against Parkinson; alleviates asthma; removed parasites”
  • “Reduce the risk of arthritis; reduce risk of cancer; good for reducing diabetes”

    DSSRC expressed its concern that consumers could interpret the Company’s product performance claims as meaning that LurraLife products can effectively treat a number of serious health-related conditions.


Earnings Claims

LurraLife salesforce members also disseminated several earnings claims suggesting that participants in the Company’s business opportunity typically earn significant income and receive free vacations. More specifically, the claims stated that potential salesforce members could earn “fulltime income,” “$3,000 in less than a month,” and “CASH CAR BONUS monthly!!,” among other representations. Including:

  • “I have earn a Full-time income plus a monthly $500-$1000 Lifestyle bonus”
    • Image with copy stating “Get paid to lose fat $500; Get a $1000 monthly car bonus”
  • “Do You Need To Create More Income In Your Life To Do The Simple Things Like Go On Vacations, Buy New Clothes For Your Kids, Pay For Tuitions For Summer Camps??? Here’s How You Can Generate $1000 Quickly And Easily!!

    ✅Get a CAR BONUS Right away!! 4 gets 4 people !! = CASH CAR BONUS monthly!! = $500

    ✅Do it again 4 get 4 and you get = $1000 USD CASH CAR BONUS

    ✅ On Top of the Car Bonus

    6 other Ways to Earn!!”

  • [05:06] Image of Company website with copy stating “Get a $500 monthly bonus for sharing LurraLife!”
  • “…an extra $127 this week from commissions alone sounds good to me…”
  • YouTube video titled “Make $3,000 In Less Than A Month With LG Lifestyle!”\



DSSRC was concerned that the earnings claims at issue communicated the unsupported message that participants could generally expect to receive significant income from participating in the LurraLife business opportunity.

Administrative Closure

During the pendency of the inquiry, DSSRC learned that, as of July 2022, LurraLife had terminated its business and that several of LurraLife’s salesforce members had joined B-Epic Worldwide LLC (“B-Epic”), a direct selling company that also markets weight-loss and nutritional supplement products.

DSSRC subsequently contacted B-Epic and was informed that B-Epic did offer LurraLife salesforce members an opportunity to join its Company. B-Epic informed DSSRC that only a handful of LurraLife salesforce members have migrated to B-Epic.

DSSRC provided B-Epic with a list of the social media posts that were the basis of this inquiry and B-Epic confirmed to DSSRC that none of the former LurraLife salesforce members who came over to B-Epic were responsible for the posts at issue.

DSSRC remains concerned that the social media posts at issue continue to be publicly accessible. However, in light of the fact that LurraLife has ceased its business operations, DSSRC administratively closed its inquiry.


(Case No. 82-2022, closed on October 3, 2022)
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