DSSRC Administrative Closure #142

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (“DSSRC”) contacted a direct selling company (the “Company”) regarding three Facebook posts made by salesforce members of the Company.  DSSRC was concerned that the three Facebook posts contained strong health-related product performance claims including claims that certain of the Company’s products can treat and/or prevent COVID-19.

The Company promptly responded to DSSRC’s inquiry stating that the social media posts in question were not in compliance with the Company’s internal policies and procedures regarding the dissemination of product performance claims. In less than a week, the Company further responded to DSSRC stating that the Company was able to identify and contact the salesforce members responsible for each of the Facebook posts and that the posts had been deleted from Facebook. DSSRC independently confirmed the removal of the posts.

As a result of the Company’s prompt, good faith actions to address DSSRC’s concerns, DSSRC administratively closed this inquiry.

(closed on 2/18/2021)