DSSRC Administrative Closure #19

DSSRC inquired into hashtag claims disseminated on Instagram by a distributor for a multi-level direct selling company. The hashtags referenced a million dollar business and six figure earning potential included as well as a hashtag naming a specific direct selling company.

In response, the Company stated that it checked its system for any Distributorships with the names of the posting distributor, but the distributor was not in the Company system. The Company then looked over the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the distributor and, with exception of the distributor including the Company name in a hashtag in that one post, there were no other existing posts discussing the Company or any of its products. The Company informed DSSRC that because the individual who posted the hashtag is not a Company distributor, they are not authorized to use the Company’s Copyrighted and Trademarked Name and, as such, the Company reached out to contact the individual and requested that they to cease and desist use of  the Company name in any advertising materials including social posts.

DSSRC expressed its appreciation to the Company for its bona-fide, good faith effort to get the post removed and administratively closed the inquiry.

(closed on 4/29/2020)